Daisy Fuentes and Luis Miguel: this is how the romance that also involved Cristian Castro began | Television | Entertainment

The seventh episode of ‘Luis Miguel: the series’ on Netflix recalls how the communicator and the singer met.

The first brief preview of the penultimate chapter of the singer’s biographical series announces it: a journalist from MTV called Jessy wants to interview Luis Miguel and he gladly agrees to receive it. The mystery was soon deciphered because, in real life, Luis Miguel did notice a presenter of MTV and it’s called Daisy Fuentes.

Daysi Fuentes and Luis Miguel started dating in 1995, after meeting during an interview and they had a relationship until 1998, which ended abruptly and without further explanation on their part, although it was very mediatic since both were known in front of the cameras.

This romance, however, would have caused a dispute between Luis Miguel and the Mexican singer Cristian Castro, who confirmed it during an interview for Telefé, in 2019.

Has a woman fought with Luis Miguel? This is true?“, The interviewer asks the interpreter of Blue. “Also, also, yes. Those are other secrets, I have to write the book “, joked the singer. “We are not friends because he has not really wanted, We were friends in a very nice moment too and the truth is that I was a bit disappointedsincerely your personality, because I was dating a girl and she really came to mess with us and that’s what distanced us”.

In 2010, Luis Miguel and Daisy Fuentes were seen vacationing together in Cabo San Lucas. Although finally Fuentes married singer-songwriter Richard Marx in 2015.

In an interview to space Release your tongue, in 2017, Sources broke the silence about her relationship with him Sun of Mexico and dared to make some comments: “I hope it is something very beautiful, very good and that it goes very well,” he said, referring to the series of the singer’s life that was then about to launch on Netflix. Also He added that Luis Miguel was someone very important in his life. “I have a lot of affection for him and of course we are friends”.