June 11, 2021

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Cuban TV fails to hide the images of the protesters during the broadcast of the ball game in Florida

Cuban TV fails to hide the images of the protesters

Cuban Television could not hide this Monday the images of the fans who from Florida demonstrated against the Havana regime during the transmission of the Cuba-Venezuela ball game at The Ballpark of The Palm Beaches, in West Palm Beach.

Although the technicians of the Cuban official television are experts in editing uncomfortable scenes, images of Cubans who attended the game arrived with posters of “Patria y Vida”, “Díaz-Canel Singa’o” and the activist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, an initiative of the opposition movement We are +.

Members of Vigil Mambisa, from We are + Y South Florida exiles They took advantage of the presence of the Cuban team in the Pre-Olympic of Las Americas to demand freedom on the island and an end to the repression against activists and opponents by the repressive forces of the government of Miguel Díaz-Canel.

While the Cuban television narrators focused on telling what happened in the sporting confrontation – which is part of the Pre-Olympic Tournament of the Americas – dozens of people on the island did not stop observing the banners waving on their screens, and shared on Facebook images of the same taken with his cell phone.

“From the stands we can see through Cuban television, fans with photos of Luis Manuel Otero. Florida. USA Capture photos of the live broadcast of Cuban television at 2 in the afternoon,” said a user of the social network.

“What appeared on the official television of #Cuba: Díaz-Canel singao. The fault lies with Norges Rodriguez and” a small group of rioters. “Tele Rebelde could not do anything …”, commented the journalist Alberto Arego in his profile.

“This has just been seen on official Cuban TV … (Photo taken from our television screen during the broadcast of Tele Rebelde),” said independent journalist Yoani Sánchez.

Tickets for the ball game between Cuba and Venezuela had been sold out since Thursday, and they sold between $ 15 and $ 25.

For Monday’s game and for all of the Cuban team, the Movement We are + He invited fans to carry messages against the Cuban government such as “Homeland and Life”, or “Freedom for Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara”.

They also achieved that before the baseball game in West Palm Beach, South Florida, the US police pull out of the stadium to the Cuban communicator Edmundo García, who is a follower of the Havana regime.

The man arrived on the outskirts of the sports arena and was received with loud boos by the Cubans who gathered at the sports venue to demand freedom for Cuba.

They said that Edmundo’s appearance was a “provocation” and the discontent was so great that police officers had to remove him from the scene to prevent things from getting out of control.

The Cuban delegation arrived in West Palm Beach last week and this Monday debuted before the selection of Venezuela in the Pre-Olympic Tournament with the following line-up: Roel Santos (Central Gardener); Yadil Mujica (Second Base); Yordanis Samón (First Base); Alfredo Despaigne (Designated Hitter); Frederich Cepeda (Left Gardener); Yadir Drake (Right Gardener); Yosvani Alarcón (Catcher), Erisbel Arruebarrena (Short Field) and Dayán García (Third Base). The pitcher who will start the game will be Lázaro Blanco.

On Tuesday, June 1, Cuba will face Canada at 6:00 pm. at Clover Park, in St. Lucie, and on day 3 he will play against Colombia at The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches.

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