Cuban Fabién Laurencio, finalist of Our Latin Beauty 2021

Our Latin Beauty is about to reach its end and the Cuban Fabién Laurencio de la Concepción is one of the four finalists on the Univision reality show!

The Cuban became one of the four finalists in the contest this Sunday along with the Dominican Génesis Suero, the Honduran Sirey Morán and the Mexican Lupita Valero, against whom the new queen title will be disputed.

Fabién could not help but be excited to learn that she was the second finalist of the reality show in an exciting gala in which she became Gloria Trevi to impress the jury and the public. But before he had a role in the ‘Digital News Edition’ with Borja Voces.

After going to the final, the young cuban, who before entering the beauty reality show was a dental assistant in Houston (Texas), thanked once again the support of Cubans from all over the world.

“I know that I am here and that I have come so far thanks to the beautiful public that is supporting me abroad, I want to especially thank all my Cubans who are in the world, my Cubans who are in Cuba. I know it has not been easy , I want to send you a very nice message, never forget that strength is in the union. And if I have come so far thanks to you, imagine everything we can do all together, “said the young Cuban woman after making herself known that she was a finalist .

A few days ago, Fabién Laurencio asked the people of Cuba to never give up or tire of fighting for freedom. From the beauty mansion where she is after she was chosen to participate in the contest, she sent a message through Instagram in the few minutes that the production of the program gives her, only on Sundays, to use her cell phone.

“To my people in Cuba, I have been without a cell phone for 6 weeks, I have it for 10 minutes every Sunday only and under strict supervision. I do not know what is happening outside but whatever it is, to my Cubans here, to those from there already those from all over the world: Let’s NEVER give up! LONG LIVE CUBA LIBRE! “, he wrote on Instagram.

It will be on November 21 when the reality show final was held, which will have a new winner. !Good luck in the final, Fabién!

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Cuban Fabién Laurencio, finalist of Our Latin Beauty 2021