‘CSI’ actor William Petersen hospitalized for “exhaustion” after feeling bad on the set

The actor William Petersen, who gave life during a good part of the 15 seasons of the series ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ to Gil Grissom, had to be hospitalized this Friday, August 20, in Los Angeles after feel bad in the filming of the series which will serve as a continuation universe of ‘CSI’ under the title ‘CSI: Vegas’ and which will premiere in the United States on October 8 on CBS. According to what ‘TMZ’ reported this weekend, alluding to statements by the actor’s representative, Petersen, who will reinterpret Grissom in said fiction, began to feel bad in full ‘set’ and asked the director of the series for a break.

Given the uncomfortable situation of the actor, an ambulance was called “as a precaution”, in tune with what ‘TMZ’ maintains, to refer Petersen, 68, to a nearby hospital to check his health. Nevertheless, his hospitalization was quite short Well, as reported by the actor’s team, as of Sunday the one who was the protagonist of ‘CSI’ was already out of any danger and was recovering from the scare. In the words of his representative, the bad moment that the interpreter had was a consequence of having worked “non-stop” for long hours in the last twelve weeks.

William Petersen in a promotional ‘spot’ for ‘CSI: Vegas’ (YouTube)

“It was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure “, collects for its part ‘People’ regarding what happened. Since everything has been a scare, the recording of ‘CSI: Vegas’ will be resumed shortly with the return of William Petersen, who in addition to Appearing as an actor in the cast is credited as an executive producer as well as in “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” As Grissom will return to the small screen, so will Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle and Wallace Langham as David Hodges. As a “guest star”, Paul Guilfoyle will also appear as his Jim Brass character again.

CBS announced last March this sequel to the series ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ as “a new chapter in Las Vegas, the city where it all began“The miniseries, which will take over from the spin-offs set in Miami or New York, will follow the trail of a” brilliant new team of forensic investigators who face an existential threat that will put the laboratory in danger and that will have to welcome old friends and deploy new techniques to preserve and do justice “in the city.