Crying, Alfredo Adame begs his children for reconciliation after ignoring them and disinheriting them

Alfredo Adame opens the door to reconciliation with his sons

In a twist in terms of his attitude and position, Alfredo Adame now surprised by sending a message of reconciliation to his three children.

The actor is part of the cast of “I’m famous, get me out of here!”, a Mexican reality show in which a group of celebrities live immersed in a jungle in the Dominican Republic performing competitions.

In this context, the 63-year-old artist was questioned about whether he had been a good father and that was when he broke down in tears and sent a message to his children.

“Diego, Sebastian and Alexander: I love you, I love you and I hope that one day we can reach settle our differences“, he said before the cameras.

In the private interview that each celebrity has with the production, Adame continued to cry when talking about the children he had with Banquells.

“I consider it unfair that they called me a bad father (in the reality show) if anyone was a good father it was me“, He assured in the midst of apparent tears.

I gave my children life, love, affection, respect, I supported them and gave them everything at all. I was always his best friend, partner and his dad,” he claimed.

“I offer to meet you somewhere”he mentioned, “a kiss, a hug, without recriminations”.

The soap opera actor What life stole from me He assured that he is “willing” to reestablish communication with his children.

“A that we be father and sons again“, he told them from the reality show, “it did hurt me that their mother alienated them against me, to the point that I came to ignore them and disinherit them.”

Children of Alfredo Adame deny approach

In the middle of last April, Alfredo Adame declared that he had taken the first step of a supposed reconciliation.

Before going to record the show in the Dominican Republic, the artist said that he sent a message to his children through a producer television, because a program wanted to be the means to reconcile them.

On May 12, his ex-wife denied him and explained why his children refused.

“With Diego, a program was communicated that they wanted to do in the reconciliation program. His dad didn’t look for him“, he said bluntly to ‘Ventaneando’, “What Diego answered was that he he was not going to lend himself to a media show“.

Mary Paz Banquells assured that her three children are willing to meet with their father if he wishes to do so “from the heart”, but without television cameras.

The actress did not clarify whether the television program that sought her eldest son was “I’m famous, get me out of here!”, which has been recorded since mid-April for the TV Azteca network.


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Crying, Alfredo Adame begs his children for reconciliation after ignoring them and disinheriting them