Critics have put this new series to the ground, but the audience is calling it the best of 2023

It repeats what happened with the ‘Super Mario Bros.’ movie.

When the critics’ embargo was lifted to reveal the opinion of many critics about the Super Mario Bros. movie, many if not all of them were very negative. However, the public ranked it as the best of this 2023 and the box office collection speaks for itself.

But it is not the first time that audiences and critics differ in opinions. That is what has happened recently with The Crowded Roomthe new AppleTV+ series starring Tom Holland as Danny Sullivan, a man arrested for possible involvement in a 1979 New York City shooting.

Today, the criticism put it on the ground with 26% on Rotten Tomatoes and opinions like this:

Holland is not without talent and of course Seyfried and Rossum are huge stars. But none of them is enough to reinforce this insipid series.

The generic confusion is abetted by a script that struggles with the cliché, both in the plot and in the dialogue.

However, from the audience it has been rated on Rotten Tomatoes with a 91% An abysmal difference with respect to criticism:

The Crowded Room lingers in your mind for days afterward. Tom Holland is incredibly unrecognizable and is very interested in developing this character.

Tom Holland delivers another amazing and moving performance. Excited to see what this series has to offer in the upcoming episodes

The Crowded Room is based on a true story and follows Danny Sullivan through his interrogation by investigator Rya Goodwin. Danny thus relates the details of his complicated past while Rya discovers the secret that he hides, of which he may not even be aware.

The AppleTV+ series too has marked a before and after in Tom Holland, even getting him to take a break from acting from how exhausting it’s been to star The Crowded Room:

It’s been an exhausting process making this series. It’s the first time I’ve been an executive producer and I’ve really pushed myself to do both, but it’s been so gratifying to bring this character to life and get this show off the ground.

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Critics have put this new series to the ground, but the audience is calling it the best of 2023