Criticism of The Ins and Outs of FIFA: Netflix launches into the controversy over the World Cup in Qatar

With the FIFA we have come across A story of influences, corruption and goings-on starring the bosses of the international soccer: Joseph BlatterMichel platini or Jack Warner, among others. The ins and outs of FIFAwhich could not have a better title, is now available on Netflix.

If a matter of weeks ago we plunged into the back room of national football with The League of Extraordinary Men, today we make the leap to the international scene. The FIFAthat all-powerful body that has put big governments in check until they got the red card.


FIFA 23 – World Cup Trailer

The ins and outs of FIFA is a documentary series that follows the usual canons of this type of production, without exceeding great argumentative or artistic lines. Still, the documentation and its significance is a powerful enough source to attend to its four chapters.

We are talking about the corruption scandals that have shaken football in recent decades: influence peddling, bribery, blackmail and hand-picked awards for the benefit of a few… masked with the illusion of many others.

The documentary is signed by daniel gordonwho had already worked in several similar sports productions and who had great success with his work in the documentary of the legendary English player George Best in 2017.

FIFA and the controversial World Cup

Soccer raises passions. We have heard this statement so many times that it is boring to remember them. The sport of sports; the one that brought together more than 3,572 million fans around the world to see the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018.

Billions that, monetized, mean much more than rubbing your face with the dollar symbol. They assume power. A power that equates its maximum leader with that of a European prime minister, who in the wrong hands can mean not only the absolute shame of sport, but also the lives of hundreds of people.

The timing of the premiere of Netflix It is not a coincidence either: within a few days The controversial World Cup in Qatar will startthat appointment that under the umbrella of FIFA flaunts its cozy facilities while investigations continue for violating human rights and causing the deaths of 6,500 workers, according to The Guardian.

A World Cup that celebrates the biggest event in international football while the rights of women and LTGBI people are practically non-existent at its headquarters.

A world cup that, since the internal vote of the FIFA select it next to Russia World Cup 2018 as a winner, he has seen his own legitimacy questioned.

The great goal for the squad was scored by Netflix. Although it is not a particularly thoughtful documentary, its access to sources with journalists and those involved makes it a starting point as fantastic as it is embarrassing to understand the soccer bureaucracy.

The ins and outs of FIFA walk through the history of FIFA. From end to end From his birth and the arrival of leading brands such as Adidas or Coca Cola, to the raising of the cup towards the sky in South Africa with which Iker Casillas crowned Spain as world champion.

The sports scandal of the decade

The Qatar team has not been the only one that has been questioned. The fifa gate It was possible thanks to the collaboration of journalists, as well as FBI investigators and, above all, one of the soccer officials most peppered by controversy: the American chuck blazer.

His statements, after signing his plea before the authorities, provided enough information to proceed with the prosecution of up to fourteen people and the arrest of seven FIFA officials in 2015.

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They show us FIFA as a world-class criminal organization that has put entire countries on the ropes, taking economic advantage of situations of poverty in the most underdeveloped areas.

One of the most interesting elements of his analysis is the «sportswashing», that practice by which governments use sport to improve their reputation.

It is the case of Argentina World Cup 78during the military dictatorship in the South American country, or the olympic games in nazi germany. Nothing that does not sound old, why are we fooling ourselves: Karl Marx’s “opium of the people” brought to sport.

The FIFA World Cup will be played again in just a few days and the controversy is served. The eternal hatred of modern football, once again, punctuated by an ethic chained to banknotes.

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Criticism of The Ins and Outs of FIFA: Netflix launches into the controversy over the World Cup in Qatar