Criticism of Star Wars: The Bad Remittance 1×04: Cornered, now available on Disney Plus

We have already seen the fourth episode of Star Wars: The Bad Shipment. We tell you what we think about this week’s adventure of Clone Force 99.

Well, friends, it’s Friday, and like every Friday for a few weeks now, a new episode of Star Wars: The Bad Consignment, the new Star Wars animated series produced by Dave filoni that is emitted in Disney Plus.

This week we get an episode titled Cornered, a very appropriate title in Spain, if we take into account the look of Hunter and his inspiration in the character of John rambo, which is becoming more and more like, by the way.

But let’s not linger. Today in Hobby Consolas we tell you what we think of this Star Wars Episode Four: The Bad Remittance in our review. Remember that you will be free of spoilers for this episode (not the previous ones) until we warn that we will get into the matter in the last section.


Unlike Star Wars Episode 3: The Bad Remittance, the plot of Cornered is going to focus exclusively on the fugitive members of the Clone Force 99, which regain their absolute prominence, which means that, although we will see glimpses of galactic evolution under the rule of the Empire, we will not have great advances in that general arc.

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To tell the truth, it is not that we are going to have great advances in general in any of the plots. We are not going to say that it is a filler episode, because it is not, but it has left us a certain feeling of little or no progress in the plot of the series.

We will visit a planet that we had in passing in The Clone Wars, although it was not deepened in it, strictly speaking. The general story of the episode does not have much crumb. In fact, we have seen it many times in the Star Wars movies and series.


One of the main attractions of the Star Wars series is the connections through specific characters that appear in two or more productions. We know that in Star Wars: The Bad Consignment, we are going to have several character cameos. Well, Cornered will have one of them.

We will not go into details until the next section, but we will say that the presence of this character is the main incentive of the episode, and it will be the only thing that makes the plot advance slightly, throwing some mystery with it.

Put on your helmet, because we are going to the front to tell you about all the types of stormtroopers that belong to the canon in Star Wars.

ATTENTION: From the next section you will find spoilers for Star Wars: The Bad Remittance 1×04.


Well, we already have here Fennec shand. The character introduced in The Mandalorian arrives in full youth to Star Wars: The Bad Remittance, with a clear objective: Omega. If Fennec Shand’s presence had been kept a relative secret from Lucasfilm during the promotion of the series, this appearance would have been a shock, but as we knew it was going to appear, it has lost all its effect.

Fennec goes after Omega, but it is not clear if it is a commission from the Empire or of the Kaminoans, or even a third faction unknown by now. Seeing how he protects the girl, we opted more for the seconds.

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The Similarities to many The Mandalorian plots are starting to weigh down on Star Wars: The Bad Consignment. At the moment we cannot know if these very repetitive (and consecutive) episodes will gain value in the future. Although character development is necessary in series with seasons of 15 episodes onwards, a little shakeup is beginning to be needed.

When it comes to Cornered, the fact that the show’s other main draw, the Republic-Empire transition, is only seen in passing, and with repeated aspects, makes this episode feel largely like “without being so.” stuffed”.

Hopefully things start to go back in the following episodes, and that there really are surprises that we have not seen in the trailers.


A fourth episode of Star Wars: The very conventional bad consignment. The series continues to cook slowly establishing the presence of characters and their relationships, but makes the feeling at this point is that the plot does not advance.

The best

The arrival of one of the long-awaited and announced characters already established in Star Wars.


A long-repeated history in the franchise. The main plot barely progresses, actually.