Cristián de la Fuente’s love story that led him to marry six months after he started dating his wife

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He has been married for nearly two decades Christian of the Fountain with Angelica Castro. A love that did not start all right, according to the Chilean entertainer, since on the first date she did not agree with the former jury of “Así se baila”.

“We fell awful,” confessed Angélica Castro. But everything changed over time when life brought them back together and they started dating more often. So much so that Cristián de la Fuente did not hesitate to assure, on the first new date, that they were going to get married.

“The first day we went out he said to me, out of nowhere: ‘What do you want to do later?'”, said the woman in the Chilean program “The 5 commandments“. “I was telling him about my story and he said: ‘Yes, well, but we have time, yes, how am I going to marry you?”Angélica Castro recounted, highlighting the surprise that this statement generated in her on that occasion.

The tattoo that unites Cristián de la Fuente and Angélica Castro

“A month after going out, we went out together, and suddenly he says to me: ‘Hey, how entertaining. What day is it today? Oh, draw me on a piece of paper.’ Because I paint, “said the animator, who took a napkin and made a design.

The Miss Universe driver took the role and asked him to accompany her to another place. “We arrived at a place and some very large roosters all tattooed come out. (…) We entered this place and it was a place for tattoos. He grabs the napkin and says to the man: ‘Tattoo this on my arm'”said Cristián de la Fuente’s partner.

This act surprised Angélica Castro to such a degree that she was “half worried.” Her roommate saw her and decided to call Telemundo’s face to tell her to give her space.

“There, like, he started to move away a little bit,” the woman recalled, adding that the Chilean actor grabbed the motorcycle and left the cell phone so as not to call her. “After three months we started talking about marriage, he gave me a ring and after six months we got married”, he sentenced. The design of the napkin that Cristián de la Fuente tattooed was part of the couple’s wedding invitation.

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Cristián de la Fuente’s love story that led him to marry six months after he started dating his wife