Controversy over an economist’s comment on TV Ciudad: “We will come with good news”

The Economist German DeAugustan analyst for TV Ciudad of economic reality, presented a report this Thursday in MVD News that has caused talk on social networks. The expert reported the drop in consumption on the coast of the country and also in certain areas of Montevideo.

The most affected municipalities are those on the outskirts“, he said about the indices in the capital and while presenting graphs on the TV Ciudad news program.

Deagosto also drew attention to inequality in terms of employment, “The labor market recovered the number of jobs lost, but when you see the composition of employment that we have today, it is different from what we had two years ago. It is worrying given that the evolution is to the detriment of the less qualified sectors and that they are more vulnerable“, assured Deagosto.

When the drivers Martín Rodríguez and Natalia Nogués thanked him for the report, Deagosto commented: “We will come one day with good news“.

Then Nogués replied: “We are waiting for that day to come”, while Rodríguez commented: “We are going to take it as a promise. Let’s hope that he complies, in this case the messenger. In reality, the columnist is not responsible.” “Poor”, closed Nogués.

Look at the video (Deagosto’s report is presented at minute 34:00).

The video of that dialogue circulated on social networks, collected by the journalist Leo Sarro on his Twitter account. Some interpreted the journalists’ comments as politically intentional. “independent journalism“he wrote ironically Grace Bianchi On twitter.

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Controversy over an economist’s comment on TV Ciudad: “We will come with good news”