Controversy: Jorge Lenoble’s ironic response to Robert Moré

Jorge Lenoble granted an interview to Saturday Show where he spoke of his passage through Masterchef celebrity 2 and he was critical of his peers. “I was the candidate of many people. I love to cook and I have a vast experience in gastronomy. In addition, the rest of the participants are half hair,” he launched. “It is not the same to try a dish of mine than one of Marcelo Capalbo or Robert Moré with that horrible beard that he wears now,” he said.

Moré picked up the glove and He harshly replied to these comments with a series of messages on Twitter. “This tomuer complains about my beard because he lost in celebrity masterché. If you lost with me call silence gil a crumb, now everyone knows that you are worse than me cooking,” he wrote.
Lenoble, who was in Ibiza at the time the interview was published, also appealed to the bird’s social network to respond to criticism.

Robert Moré in
Robert Moré in “MasterChef: Celebrity 2”. Photo: Twitter @MasterChef_Uy

“Going back to work. As always, for 25 years. To those who worry, get angry and do not understand my humor. I tell you, in Ibiza there is no Uruguayan consulate and there are beautiful women of all ages. I send you a big hug And my friend #robertomore has a beautiful beard! “, He wrote.

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