“Cobra Kai”: why Hilary Swank’s Julie would not appear in season 5

While fans of ““They expect new chapters to arrive, many theories are being woven for the fifth season, including the characters from the movies”” that will have an act of presence in the Netflix series, as we have become accustomed to in previous installments.

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For example, it is expected that, for the next episodes that go brand new, characters like Terry Silvery and we would also count on the return of Chosen. In addition, there are very strong rumors that the remembered could appear mike barnesbut many fans are waiting for someone special.

This is Julie Pierce, a role played by the actress Hillary Swank. However, this could be very complicated, at least for the moment due to the strategy that the producers will have to propose, thinking that, possibly, even more seasons will come.

Julie Pierce and Mr. Miyagi in “The Next Karate Kid” from 1994 (Photo: Columbia Pictures)


Although it has not been confirmed that the character of Hillary Swank I’m not going to be in the next season of “cobra kai”, The most likely thing is that this is so, because the story must still continue as it has remained. That is to say, there is still a lot of bread to slice, taking into account that before new appearances it is necessary to finish with those that will now be.

In addition, we must bear in mind that the production has been delighting us with characters from “karate Kid” in the “Cobra Kai” seasons, so it would not be logical that in the fifth they will exhaust all their cameo options.

Julie is expected to appear in a future installment of the series, although it will also depend on how the script is done so that her character falls perfectly with the plot of the moment.

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Everything would suggest that″ would premiere in December 2022, but after what was said by the co-creator of the series, Jon Hurwitz, who tweeted that they had already finished filming the fifth season in December 2021, it seems that this will arrive before; possibly mid-2022.

Although those are the calculations that are made, it has been shown that the release dates are not predictable, since there is the possibility that Netflix maintains the premiere of the fifth installment in December 2022, but nothing takes away from dreaming that its launch arrives the next six months.

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“Cobra Kai”: why Hilary Swank’s Julie would not appear in season 5