‘Cobra Kai’ peaks: season 4 is the best of the Netflix series so far

Netflix began in 2021 with the premiere of the third season of ‘Cobra Kai’ and has decided to say goodbye to the year with the launch of season four of this series located in the universe ‘Karate Kid’. A curious bet but of which its followers are sure to be delighted, because lately it has been usual to have to wait longer than usual for the arrival of new episodes of our favorite television fictions.

A few days ago I shared with you my impressions about the first five episodes of this fourth season and already then I was telling you that I had my doubts about whether the series had managed to exceed the level of the first batch of episodes. Once I have seen the whole thing, it is clear to me that at least I do, it is the one that I liked the most despite lacking the surprise effect, something with great merit, because surely there were not few who expected that ‘Cobra Kai’ was already exhausted by this point.

The road to the tournament

It so happens that this fourth season of ‘Cobra Kai’ has two very different halves. In the first, special attention is paid to the interactions between the characters to place them in the face of that decisive tournament that we were promised at the end of the third round of episodes, while the second focuses on it, first anticipating how it is going to play out. differentiate from others so far so that it comes to the fore again.

Does that mean that the first five episodes are a long intro? Not at all, as they are essential so that ‘Cobra Kai’ does not end up just telling more of the same. Yes, there is something about that, but the reappearance of a mythical villain in the franchise ends up being a breath of fresh air, since it is approached calmly so that there is a gradual growth in Terry Silver that will continue throughout the season. . Quite a surprise when everything we knew about him so far made it clear that he was a completely one-dimensional character.

In parallel, the friction in the alliance between Daniel and Johnny They are not long in coming and the fifth episode works as a culmination. All the cards are already on the table and the progression of events may follow a path that we could smell, but it does so in a logical and orderly way, without sacrificing along the way the need to keep the spectator entertained at all times. .

Giving it all

Cobra Kai Season 4 Scene

He also gets it without any character having strange attitude changes. Even Robby, who was the one who had suffered the most in this way in previous seasons, this time frees himself from this problem and finds some redemption in his attitude. To all this must be added the occasional well-integrated surprise in the story, all of them more concentrated in this second half of the season.

That being said, everything is aimed at that tournament in which Daniel and Johnny have put their future at stake as senseis, and there ‘Cobra Kai’ redoubles its efforts to make everything very entertaining and exciting, also showing something more level in the visual part of the fighting, which is appreciated to get more fully into what is happening.

Therefore it is true that it can be somewhat predictable in some respects, but nothing serious. And we must not forget that the story closes with several cliffhangers that achieves something unusual: surprise you by fitting in well with those seen until then. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to seeing the one already confirmed fifth season.

In short

Cobra Kai

I have been delighted with the quinta fourth season of ‘Cobra Kai’. I already knew it was a very entertaining series, but this new installment fell short of how much fun I was having watching it. In addition, the return of Terry Silver has been luxurious when I just thought that he could load it and the opposite has happened, it has improved it.

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‘Cobra Kai’ peaks: season 4 is the best of the Netflix series so far