Cobie Smulders confirms the fate of Maria Hill in Secret Invasion: “I knew it from the beginning”

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The end from the first episode of Secret Invasion has come as a shock For fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And one of the great protagonists of the chapter, Cobie Smulders, has analyzed its outcome and the implications that it will have not only in the rest of the series, but also in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Nick Fury’s series on Skrull infiltration ended its first chapter with a devastating outcome in which the evil Gravik killed maria hillFury’s eternal helper.

The actress who gives life to Hill, Cobie Smulders, wanted to explain how she has lived the fate of your character. And it is that, despite always remaining secondary to the orders of Fury, Hill had been at the MCU for over a decade.first appearing in 2012’s The Avengers.

I feel relief and pride that I didn’t leak it“, indicates Smulders in an interview with Collider. “I always knew it, since they called me for the first time. This is Sam’s series [L. Jackson], and this event will affect his character in the future. I knew it from the start and I was not surprised at all“adds the actress.

“It wasn’t like I did something in the middle of production and they said, ‘You’re out!’ I’ve been prepared for a long time about it“Suggests the interpreter, known mainly for her role as Robin in How I Met Your Mother.

It’s interesting to see the impact it’s had on the fans.which is good because I guess that means that were involved in his story“, celebrates Smulders, proud of the work done. “It has been great to have a partner who, honestly, understood history and the world better. That relationship of keeping us informed and Being able to act without having to explain a lot to ourselves is always something wonderful to have with another actor,” he says, referring to Jackson.

Finally, Smulders was asked about the chances of returning to marvel. Despite Hill’s presumed death, the multiverse offers a myriad of avenues for characters to appear again in the form of new variants. “You tell me! Don’t know. I guess anything is possible. I have no idea, I have no idea. We’ll see,” replied the actress. Second chapter of Secret Invasion premieres on Disney+ on Wednesday June 28.

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Cobie Smulders confirms the fate of Maria Hill in Secret Invasion: “I knew it from the beginning”