Clara Chía’s father talks to ‘Sálvame’ after Shakira’s revolutionary song

They don’t talk about anything else on TV shows. the new song of Shakira with the Argentine producer bizarre It has caused a veritable tsunami throughout the world. After listening to Shakira’s song, everyone wonders what the recipients of the song think. ‘Save me’ has been put to work.

“Let’s connect with Mayte Ametlla to reveal what Gerard Piqué thinks of Shakira’s song of destruction and revenge. tell us why you have the verdict of the Piqué-Bernabeu family“, introduced Terelu to his partner

Terelu Camos and Mayte Ametlla, in ‘Save me’


The journalist from the writing of ‘Save me’ said that: “The verdict is devastating, the truth is that they feel a lot of pain and sadness, even stupefaction. What does that audio say about the Piqué-Bernabeu family? I cannot specify who it is, but I assure you that it is a direct audio from Piqué’s family.”

Mayte Atmella, in 'Save me'

Mayte Atmella, in ‘Save me’


Mayte gave the content of that audio that the ‘Save Me’ program had received exclusively: “They don’t care if life is going well or badly, but they ask him to disappear permanently from their lives. They are worried about the trial because they know it will take forever. They even talk about the manipulation that Shakira is exercising against her ex-partner’s family.”

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The reaction of Clara Chía’s father

“The investigative team of this program has also spoken with the father of Clara Chia. Well, Clara Chía’s father is divine, he says that He doesn’t like this type of music at all, he listens to classical music, and he’s more into Bach and Vivaldi, and he doesn’t go to bars. Regarding his daughter, he has told us that I’m sure you’re fine“, told Mayte Atmella exclusively in ‘Save me’.

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Clara Chía’s father talks to ‘Sálvame’ after Shakira’s revolutionary song