‘Citadel’: Amazon and the Russo brothers prepare a series of spies

                      The action genre gives us such exciting titles for theater and home entertainment that we might think that the offer is too much, but in reality, it is never enough. These types of movies and series are so interesting and keep us in such tension in armchairs and sofas that probably no one wants to give them up. What’s more, every year there are premieres both in cinema and on platforms. In fact, one of them turns a lot into this genre for their releases, sometimes even mixed with others. Amazon Prime Video It is also committed to action in 2023 and is preparing a fast-paced series for us: Citadel.

                      We venture to say that it will be dynamic and full of special effects for several reasons. First of all, together with Brian Kirk, Anthony and Joe Russo get behind the cameras, these brothers who, as directors and/or screenwriters, have been part of the saga AvengersTyler RakeCherry either the invisible agent. This leads us to think that there will be no fear of a good show and of taking the odd risk on screen. Also, the original idea is his and Patrick Moran’s. And if that was not enough, Citadel is going to explore a universe of spies so if we trust the inspiration of sagas like those of James Bond, Mission Impossible either Jason Bournethe action is truly assured.

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                      Citadel: plot and release date of the Amazon Prime Video series

                      Mason Kane, a senior agent within the Citadel’s rival intelligence agency Manticore, is imprisoned in a Citadel detention center for years. When he finally gets out of it, it’s his time to seek revenge against the man responsible for his capture. The mission is complex but he is determined to bring down the Citadel once and for all. On his way, he will run into the Citadel agent Nadia Singh who, far from stopping him, will end up giving him a hand in his task of solving this plot.

                      But this is not all, the project, although it will have this American version of great repercussion, is also oriented towards the production of a version in India and another in Italy, in the style of the premiere of the series. Criminal on Netflix.

                      Citadel stars several television faces including stanley tucci (The Fortune), Richard Madden (Game of Thrones, Bodyguard) Y Pryanka Chopra (Quantico). But they are not alone in this complex spy plot, as the cast is completed by Laëtitia Eïdo, Jordan Gubian, Sammy John Heaney, Ashleigh Cummings, Roland Møller, Nikki Amuka-Bird and Sara Martins.

                      Since the filming is recent, The post-production phase has yet to be completed. Citadel but we can venture to imagine when Amazon Prime Video will decide the release date of the series. For the moment, if there are no complications in the project or schedule relocations with respect to other releases, We will see the episodes this 2023.

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      ‘Citadel’: Amazon and the Russo brothers prepare a series of spies