June 11, 2021

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Chiche Gelblung crossed Flavio Azzaro and threatened to leave Controversy at the Bar: “He’s ignorant!”

Chiche Gelblung crossed Flavio Azzaro and threatened to leave Controversy

Flavio azzaro Y Chiche Gelblung they crossed in Controversy at the bar (America) while they debated on a publication made by Benjamín Vicuña where he expressed his concern about a drawing made by one of his sons, reflecting the effect of the pandemic and confinement on the youngest. In the middle of the discussion, the legendary journalist threatened to get up and leave the show.

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Azzaro’s impunity: He talks about the dog, he doesn’t have a dog. Talk about boys, he has no boys! It talks about plants, it has no plants. He talks about politics, he doesn’t know about politics! “Said Chiche, furious at Flavio’s comments on the subject. “He’s ignorant! Give your opinion on everything!” threw him.

“That’s a lowering of the line for people who have money, Chiche! Don’t be silly!”Azzaro yelled. “When you clean diapers you can give your opinion and sons, the fucking mother!”, Replied the legendary communicator.

“With such a character at the table, I want to go. Aggression breaks my balls“said Chiche in a rage with Azzaro.” Because I don’t think like you! “Flavio attacked.” It’s not that you don’t think like me, you don’t think! You keep shaking ‘rich, poor, left-handed … stop pumping your balls, “Gelblung synthesized while Azzaro accused him of” doing terrorism every day. “ “Me terrorism !? Me !? Back off”Chiche was exalted.

The sports journalist, taken off, shouted: “Stop getting that asshole line down! We have collapsed beds! “, he pulled on Vicuña’s comment about his son’s drawing.

Azzaro called her “hit man” and Marcela Tauro crossed it with everything

Controversy at the bar once again paid tribute to his name with the controversy it generated Flavio azzaro. While the journalist was arguing with Luis Ventura about those who had criticized Marcelo Tinelli, he described Marcela tauro and Jorge Rial from “two hitmen” that “they killed all of Argentina.” The entertainment journalist did not like it and called the program at the time to face Azzaro: “That you tell me ‘hit man’ that he is someone who charges for killing … I am far from that“.