Chicago Fire: The emergency that brings back Matt Casey with the end of season 11

Chicago Fire returned this Wednesday to say goodbye to the fans. The NBC series capped off a part of its story with the season 11 finale and fans saw the return of Matt Casey. Sylvie Brett was not the only reason for the captain to return to Chicago, but also an emergency related to a threat.

Chicago Fire, the hit drama about firefighters, paramedics and rescuers working in the city of Chicago’s 51st Battalion, premiered its 11th season last fall and is coming to an end this Wednesday. The eleventh installment closed with episode 22 this Wednesday, May 24, as the transmission chain nbc I had planned it. (Spoilers for the season 11 finale)

Chicago Fire season 11 finale aired May 24 on NBC

The last episode of season 11 of Chicago Fire brought back one of the most acclaimed characters by the audience. Matt Casey returned to the firefighter drama for the third time after his departure at the end of 2021 with the start of the tenth installment of the program. The character played by Jesse Spencerhe returned to his homeland for two main reasons.

The promo trailer for the Chicago Fire season 11 finale teased part of Matt Casey’s arc. He met Sylvie Brett (kara killmer) once again, but this would not be the only reason that would take him to Chicago again. An emergency related to a terrorist threat forced him to contact Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae May).

Matt Casey returned to Chicago not only for romantic interests. Before the premiere, a new preview showed Matt Casey calling Stella Kidd to talk to her about a greater threat to the city of Chicago. During her conversation, he referred to a lethal weapon found that is linked to militiamen, for which he told her to contact the task force of the Department of Homeland Security.

A Terrorist Threat Brought Matt Casey Back With The Chicago Fire Season 11 Finale

It involves a threat of a domestic terrorist attack on his hometown, prompting him to take an overnight flight to Chicago as soon as possible. The end of season 11 of the NBC series was also marked by the absence of Kelly Severide (taylor kinney), which had been previously announced.

In January it was announced that Taylor Kinney will be absent from the NBC drama to deal with a personal matter. The actor last appeared in the February 22 installment, and his character’s absence was explained in episode 15 airing on March 1, when it was revealed that Kelly Severide had gone to Alabama for an investigative training program for arson. But in the delivery of May 17, Stella found out through Cruz (Joe Minoso) that her husband is no longer in Alabama and is instead helping with a big ATF investigation.

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Chicago Fire: The emergency that brings back Matt Casey with the end of season 11