Change of domain: this is how a great pirate IPTV has been resurrected

Today we talk about the example of lookmoviewhich closed its page last month, but has been resurrected with another domain name and the same IPTV content as before it was taken down, although they have taken the opportunity to give it an aesthetic facelift.

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Last month, Lookmovie domain was discontinued along with Cuevana3, two of the largest pirate sites for streaming movies and TV series. Both used .io domains from Donuts, a company that has an agreement with the MPA (Motion Picture Association) to suspend domains if they are related to piracy. today

Initially, anti-piracy group ACE, also made up of anti-piracy investigators from the MPA, denied direct responsibility, but just three days later, Lookmovie’s Telegram channel was also banned, suggesting that some sort of crackdown was being applied. of these organizations, although it has been denied by Jan van Voorn, executive vice president and head of global content protection at the MPA:

“The suspension of these two specific domains was not the result of ACE directly applying suspension, but as you know, we execute similar actions all the time. We collaborate with a number of domain name registrars and other intermediaries to crack down on pirate sites and their supporting infrastructure and identify the operators, and we are pleased to see that the .io registry has joined the fight.”

The solution of those responsible for this first impediment to using their old domain went through a classic, staying in a new one. Lookmovie moved to, a domain managed by Tonic Domains Corporation that has been criticized by rights holders for hosting and servicing pirate sites. As for the Telegram channel, it was replaced by an official forum. “We have created a new official community forum where you can communicate with us and submit your requests. Here you go:».

On the hunt for the new IPTV domain

Like at least hundreds of similar pirate sites, Lookmovie also uses the services of Cloudflare. In April 2021, MPA/ACE required to identify the operator of Lookmovie’s now-suspended .io domain. A year later, the site’s new .to domain is getting the same treatment. After filing a request in early April alleging infringement of the Spider-Man: Far From Home movie and Frozen 2, MPA/ACE obtained an injunction requiring Cloudflare to identify the person behind

ACE vs Lookmovie2

ACE vs Lookmovie2

It will be necessary to see if these actions lead to a suspension of this new domain, but those responsible do not seem very concerned about it judging by the message in which they explained the fall of the previous .io domain. “The domain may have fallen, but we have not.”

Lookmovie has simply warned its users by a release on Github Don’t be fooled by fake sites and other imitators. To point people in the right direction, they’ve even published a list of over a dozen official backup domains, in case they’re needed in the future. It will therefore continue the game of cat and mouse with new mirrors emerging as certain domains are closed.

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Change of domain: this is how a great pirate IPTV has been resurrected