Chabelo reappears and shocks his fans with his appearance at 87 years old

After more than six years away from television, Xavier López “Chabelo” publicly reappeared and his fans were extremely surprised by how he looks at 87 years old.

‘The friend of all children’ is the protagonist of the digital version of Caras magazine for April 2022, so some current photographs of the driver appear adorning the edition.

In one of the images, ‘Chabelo’ appears sitting on a swing, and although he does not wear his characteristic overalls, his smile makes it clear that he still has fun like the “eternal child” that he is.

“The eternal”, “Chabelo is going to bury us all” and “Obviously he is in his best period, he is barely in his teens, right?” are some of the comments that his fans wrote on the magazine’s Instagram post.

How is ‘Chabelo’ currently?

Xavier López ‘Chabelo’, who turned 87 on February 17, revealed to the publication how he is currently, after the covid-19 pandemic.

“I am in the best moment, enjoying the best of life. […] I am in very good health and in excellent spirits at the moment,” he said.

The former host of ‘En familia’, which went off the air in 2015, stated that he regrets that there are no longer so many family television shows, as well as that he misses doing live programs a lot.

‘Chabelo’ also spoke about the thousands of memes that stars and that circulate on social networks, most of them about “his immortality” and the historical events that “he has witnessed”.

“I really enjoy it and I applaud the ingenuity of those who make them,” he said.

López is sure that it is thanks to the children’s character he invented that he is “in the memory of Mexican families”, a fact that makes him feel “very lucky”.

Although the actor also did not reveal what he does now that he is out of the entertainment business, he did say that his passions are “playing golf and soccer” and “motorcycles.”

‘Chabelo’ changed medicine for television

‘Chabelo’ is one of the most important personalities on Mexican television, but that may not have been the case since in his youth Xavier López planned, pressured by his father, to be a doctor.

According to the publication, López began studying medicine in Mexico City, but after getting a job at Televicentro (now Televisa) and discovering his passion for television, he decided to dedicate himself to acting.

Before being the star of ‘En familia’, ‘Chabelo’ participated in the program ‘Carrusel musical’, alongside ‘Tío Gamboín’, ‘Chistelandia’ and in the movie ‘El Extra’, starring the late comedian Mario Moreno. Cantinflas’.

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Chabelo reappears and shocks his fans with his appearance at 87 years old