July 1, 2021

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César Ritter and his love story with Cecilia Rospigliosi, Mafer of “A Thousand Trades”

1625118637 Cesar Ritter and his love story with Cecilia Rospigliosi Mafer

He is one of the Peruvian actors who rose to fame thanks to the successful series “Thousand offices”, produced by Efraín Aguilar. In the story, his character was Lalo Chávez, best friend of Memo Reyes (Michael Finseth) and in love with Carola Olazo (Vanessa Jerí). And while there was a lot of chemistry between Ritter and Jerí, in reality, the actor had already noticed another character.

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Curiously, César Ritter was in love with Cecilia Rospigliosi, the former actress who in “”I played Mafer (in love with Memo), but it was only many years later that they both ended up together and with two children. How was this love story that was born on the recording sets of the series? Here we tell you.


Mafer, the character of Cecilia Rospigliosi, was quite loved in the series, she played the girlfriend of Memo, the son of Renato Reyes. But after working on ‘A Thousand Trades’, Rospigliosi completely moved away from television and series. He focused on his psychology career completely away from television cameras.

Mafer was a very beloved character in the telenovela, she was Memo’s girlfriend (Photo: Panamericana TV)

As you read it, César Ritter and Cecilia Rospigliosi are married and have two children. They both met while recording “A thousand trades”But then they hadn’t shared much beyond the work they had to do. It was the actor himself who told the story in an interview with in 2019.

“Mafer was my crush, but I thought there was no way. I did not imagine, I did not give to throw corn (flirting with her) “Ritter noted. “We were very good friends. But it didn’t cross my mind (to pretend it) “added.

“Much later, I find her. She was doing her internship at Larco Herrera, because she is a psychologist, so I see her with her gown. I wondered what he was recording. I walked over and we started talking for a long time. That’s where it all started “, the actor revealed.

Cecilia Rospigliosi decided to retire from acting, later she married César Ritter (Photo: Instagram / César Ritter)
Cecilia Rospigliosi decided to retire from acting, later she married César Ritter (Photo: Instagram / César Ritter)

“A lot of things happened and now we are together”, Ritter told about his relationship with Cecilia Rospigliosi.


Caesar Ritter Y Cecilia Rospigliosi they married and had two children.