César Évora, the golden Cuban of Mexican novels

one of the faces best known soap operas mexicanCesar Evora, he almost dedicated himself to Geophysics, a career he chose at the age of 17 in Cuba. “The word sounded good to me. I could not drop out because the Military Service took me. In the third year I left it and took the tests to study acting. I found my true vocation. The day I decided that I would dedicate myself body and soul to this It was the same day my grandfather died. It was one of the happiest and saddest moments of my life,” says the Cuban actor in an interview with DIARIO DE CUBA.

Évora has been in Mexico for 30 years and has written more than 36 novels, Passion and Prejudice, Wild Heart, clear light, The stepmother and Hug me very tight, just to mention a few. “It’s very difficult for me to take vacations,” she says.

“My wife always insists that I restand it is true that it is not the same Count of Monte Cristo to the Évora of 20 years later, but I am always from project to project. I have recorded up to two novels at the same time, with totally different characters, this hand in hand with theater and cinema. It’s been years of a lot of work,” he adds.

Despite the fact that Évora has constantly accompanied the public with his characters, he says he has struggled not to be pigeonholed in any role. “I turned down projects because I didn’t want to stagnate. I’ve always been trying to balance my characters. It wasn’t easy, at first I had my fights, but in the end they respected me.”

The actor, who loves fixing things and Cuban food, says he is now immersed in a special role in the novel passion mine, which is still in the recording process and in which the Cuban actress Livia Brito participates.

On his arrival in Mexico, the country where he has developed most of his career, Évora says that he was invited to do some tests for a character and when he returned to Cuba they informed him that he would not return to the Aztec country.

“It turns out that the Mexican actress Verónica Castro had done a program in Cuba that had annoyed Cubans from Miami. All this seemed absurd to me and, annoyed, I went to the Mexican embassy to apply for a visa. I borrowed money from all my friends to buy a plane ticket and I started there,” she says.

Without having money to pay for the hotel in Mexico for the night, César Évora convinces the receptionist to give him a room that Televisa would supposedly pay for. “The next day I met with the highest authority within the chain, Emilio Azcárraga, a very impressive man to whom I spoke with total honesty.”

“I told him that I had two children to support and one that was on the way. That day I went in with nothing and left with a four-year contract, a car, an apartment and the hotel night paid for the day before,” Évora says between laughs.

The actor, who confesses that he does not remember all the roles he has played, says he is especially fond of his first antagonist and a role as a priest that brought a lot of controversy.

“People asked me on the street to give them a blessing or to kiss my hand. The Episcopate of Mexico wrote to Televisa asking for photos of the priest who was on television because many people went to church looking for me,” says the actor.

Regarding the ties that tie him to Cuba, César mentioned his mother. “It is my great chain to that Island that follows me so much, I would like to spend more time with her. Sometimes I bring her here and her pressure rises a lot due to the height, she feels strange, she needs her things, she has a patio with flowers in Her house in Lawton, it’s something she loves, it’s her world and I can’t take it away from her.”

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César Évora, the golden Cuban of Mexican novels