‘Case Closed’: how much do they pay the actors of the renowned program?

Case closed is one of the most popular television programs in Latin America. From stories that sometimes seem “soap opera outings”, the Cuban judge Ana María Polo resolves multiple legal and social situations.

The episodes of the popular program establish a simile with a session in court, where the case is presented, the victims and perpetrators present their versions and the corresponding debate is set up.

Precisely, the nature of each case often impresses viewers, leaving open the question of how real they are.

In June 2021, the user of the TikTok platform @ milamila2.2 recounted how her experience was participating in a program of Case closed. The narration accumulates more than 770,000 “likes” and has once again been viral on social networks.

If they believed that Case closed it’s true, well no, it’s pure acting and they hire ordinary people, like you and meso that they make a script that is prepared the same day, you learn it in three hours and you go out and do it, as half learned and half improvised”, detailed the Internet user in her video.

Likewise, he revealed that the stories of the program are both fictional and based on real life. @milamil2.2 account that he acted as a plaintiff and was paid $700 for two days of recording. However, he added that, normally, the protagonists they are paid from 200 to 400 dollars per episode.

The woman shared images of the chapter in which she participated, entitled “False help”. As she commented, Ana María Polo finds out about the cases as the program progresses, that is, she has no prior knowledge about the subject of each one of them and she makes her final decision based on the development of the trial.

Me finishing seeing a case that I even cried and I found out that it is false”, says one of the highlighted comments. “I participated too, and people believe it haha,” another TikTok user commented.

What is Ana María Polo currently doing after the end of ‘Case Closed’?

Among the most successful productions of the producer Telemundo the program is found Case closeddirected by the Cuban-American family lawyer, Ana María Polo, who would guide the production from start to finish.

However, after the television network announced the closure of the program in 2019, fans of Case closed They wonder what motivated this decision and what happened to their protagonist. It is worth noting that the program was well received by the international public.

The production included recordings of cases inspired by real stories, sometimes performed by actors.. Case Closed It consisted of the resolution of legal family problems, where the lawyer tried to solve them by personifying a “referee judge” before the problems presented by the litigants of the case.

Why Case Closed came to an end?

Ana María Polo answered this concern for the magazine folks, saying that he decided to end his participation in the program because I felt like I had “stuck”.

“There was nothing new to present” were the words of Dr. Polo in the interview referring to the program, the study was running out of cases, so they resorted to hiring script writers to create new cases, although many times, they arrived to be “strange”, however, the doctor stated that she is willing to receive proposals that encourage her to return to the small screen.

Polo was away from television for a long time to dedicate herself, enjoying a time of relaxation, away from fame and recognition, although she has been active on social networks, where she shows a bit of lifestyle.

Currently, she has become a defender of the equality of people, likewise, she is promoting donations in favor of an organization that investigates cancer treatments. In October 2021, she premiered her show titled ‘Dra. Polo Investiga’, a project that she carries out together with Omega XL and Great HealthWorks.

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‘Case Closed’: how much do they pay the actors of the renowned program?