Carolina Jaume is out of Ecuavisa; her colleagues from ‘In contact’ confirm her departure from the program | Television | Entertainment

He did not say goodbye to the public nor has he issued a statement, however yesterday (Thursday, August 25) was the last program in which he participated Caroline James as one of its presenters.

Today, his fellow program, Gabriela Diaz, Henry Bustamante, Dora West, Jose Urrutia Y Virginia Lemongi They appeared on the screen to confirm the departure of Jaume from the space, who – according to them they affirmed – has decided to step aside for a work and television break, which would rule out the rumor of the dismissal that was mentioned on social networks.

It was Díaz who confirmed the departure of the also actress. “Yesterday our colleague Carolina Jaume told us about her decision to temporarily disassociate herself from the program In contact for personal reasons, which out of respect for your privacy will be handled in absolute reserve. Since Ecuavisa We respect this decision and wish the best for our dear friend Carolina, always leaving the doors open to our channel and even more so to this family that is her family. In contact, to always shake your hand, at any time of your life, either to laugh, to cry or to let off steam. She knows that she has not only five partners, but a whole human team that is behind the scenes and that is watching over her mental, emotional and psychological safety, ”she said.

“That is what really happened, enough of speculation, enough of looking for a way to harm this team that is healing little by little and that opens the doors for them and that respects the decision of each of their teammates, when they ask us for a stop in his career, we respect his decision and as we always say, we give time to time”, said Díaz.

West, a close friend of Jaume, said: “It is also brave to know the ideal moment to step aside and that is what my dear friend Carolina Jaume has done (…). The doors are always open for when she needs it”.

Bustamante continued by stating: “As colleagues we know that we can be in this time, in my case, I already communicated with my dear Carolina Jaume and mentioning that we are here, that we are a phone call away, and what we mentioned does exactly a week with Carolina Jaume, we as colleagues and as friends are always there to support her and today we are here to respect her decisions, in this case she will be absent from the screen, it is what she wants”.

Limongi, one of the newest members of the program, emphasized in her speech: “I want to emphasize, Henry, that absence is not oblivion and that many times we have to take three steps back to see what is happening in a better way. and know how to act at the right moment. I also believe that it is wise to know when to retire to return your heart and mind healthy. At the end of the day, this family will always have open arms for her, but it is also worth reflecting, from our screen, the telephone or the television, why not, what are we doing to help another person or perhaps plunge them deeper into something we don’t know. Let us not forget that many times what we see is only the tip of the iceberg”.

“No one knows the internal battles that people go through, we only know that they are going through a moment, that it is becoming latent in all the media, and we only want that happiness and that peace that we all seek so much, that you seek so much and that our partner is looking for so much, taking refuge in the family I think is the main factor at this time, getting away from all this madness of the media, I think it will be the best healing for her, “said Urrutia.

At the beginning of this week, Jaume was the protagonist of the Women of my life segment, in which the different stages in the family life of the Guayaquil artist were shown in detail.

Jaume was also one of the participants who this year joined the reality show Turkish The power of love. (AND)

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Carolina Jaume is out of Ecuavisa; her colleagues from ‘In contact’ confirm her departure from the program | Television | Entertainment