Carmen Salinas was very pretty as a young woman and had incredible dance steps: here is the proof

With more than 60 years of experience in tow, many have become accustomed to seeing the lead actress as an older woman, usually in the roles of a self-sacrificing mother and worried, forgetting that her beginnings on the screens were very different.

Carmen Salinas was born on October 5, 1939 in Torreón, Coahuila. At the beginning of this year, the producer of ‘Aventurera’ shared on her Instagram account this photograph of when she made her first communion, she was 7 years old.

At the age of 16, the beloved actress married the pianist Pedro Plascencia. For 17 years, they were one of the strongest couples in the show and, together, they had two children: Pedro and María Eugenia.

Carmen Salinas madly loved a man who was not her husband: his unexpected end marked her forever

Sadly, the eldest son of the family passed away on April 19, 1994, when he was 37 years old. The tragedy marked the life of the Mexican.

The artistic debut of Carmen Salinas

His artistic debut was in the soap opera ‘La Ventodad’ in 1964, when he was in his twenties. Within a few years, he became a true fictional movie star, where he dazzled with his dance steps, even despite never having taken professional classes.

Carmen Salinas broke the dance floors since 1970 with these unbeatable steps

A fact that few people know is that the political also proved her ability to sing, since she made imitations of famous people and, on many occasions, of singers.

In the 70s, Carmen Salinas not only stood out for her talent for acting, comedy and dance, but also for her beauty.

For those who have not seen her old films, it may come as a surprise to see her young: her fine features made her a true diva of the cinema.

Did you know, for example, that when he was young he had a split beard?

In addition, she had a unique demeanor and style that made her look like a true princess with full skirt dresses and matching gloves.

Have you ever seen Carmen Salinas in a bathing suit when she was young? It was definitely a beauty.

In this portrait we can see her without her characteristic curls and, instead, with a straight hair.

An image with great legends of the shows: Carmen Salinas with María Félix.

What do you think of these photos of Carmelita as a young woman? Did they change your perception of the actress?

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Carmen Salinas was very pretty as a young woman and had incredible dance steps: here is the proof