Carmen Salinas: how her inheritance will be distributed

What will happen to the inheritance of ? This is one of the questions that have arisen with the recent death of the Mexican actress, on Thursday, December 9, after being hospitalized for almost a month. The renowned artist from Mexico, at the age of 82, suffered a brain hemorrhage on November 11, for which she ended up in a coma during these last weeks. His family, friends and followers, especially the doctors, did everything possible for him to have a speedy improvement.

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The News from was given by their relatives, through their official accounts in social networks, which meant a wave of sadness not only in his homeland, but throughout the region.

Because the became an emblematic character of the Mexican soap operass, which have had great success in the Spanish-speaking world. Its presence in several dozen television productions, as well as their constant statements to the press, they made it in one of the most current celebrities of the small screen.

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“With deep sorrow, we inform you that the first actress Carmen Salinas, passed away today, December 9, 2021. Details about the funeral services will be informed later. We appreciate all the messages of support and expressions of respect towards our family. As well as the expressions of affection and prayers that they offered to our beloved Carmencita “, it reads in the release Posted by relatives of the actress.

Carmen Salinas in one of her last works in “My fortune is loving you.” (Photo: Televisa)


The actress left a will made and how will the , as he said in July in Today of Televisa, to avoid possible conflicts between his relatives in the event that he is no longer with his loved ones, which was fulfilled on December 9.

The prestigious artist detailed that his inheritance is made up of a house, which was won in winning a lottery, and a study, which will be for his granddaughters what left him Pedrito Plascencia, her son who died of cancer.

“Nothing else is left of this house and the studio that will be for Pedrito’s (Plascencia) daughters, may he rest in peace. And this house for my daughter María Eugenia. This is the testament “said the artist to the aforementioned tv show. Salinas also had a fortune of approximately $ 20 million, according to , but it is not known what will happen to that money.

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A few hours after it was confirmed that he had been in the hospital since Wednesday night, the same family of the also politician explained that Salinas is in a coma and that his condition is serious.

In conversation with the Televisa program “Hoy”, Carmen Plascencia, one of her granddaughters, confirmed that she suffered “a stroke in the stem part“And that at the moment he is with”assisted breathing”.

According to her account, Carmen Salinas collapsed around 10:00 pm on Wednesday, November 10, in the bathroom of her home, shortly after having dinner and watching her soap opera in the company of her nephew.

He began to feel bad from one moment to the next. The diagnosis is delicate”He added.

For his part, Briones told “Sale el Sol”, from Imagen Televisión, that on the same Wednesday he had been recording his most recent work, “My fortune is loving you.”

She is very delicate, she is serious. We are waiting for the doctors to tell us what to do next. He’s not in an induced coma, he’s in a natural coma. His organs are perfectly fine, the doctor told us that they are perfect and he responds to everything, it’s just the coma“, large.


Born in Torreón (Coahuila), on October 5, 1933, Carmen Salinas Lozano is a Mexican actress who has also dedicated herself to politics and business despite only having finished elementary school.

Throughout her life, Salinas has done film and theater, although in recent decades she is mainly known for her work on television. He has participated in soap operas such as “Maria from the neighborhood”,“ María Mercedes ”, among many other productions.

Likewise, his time in fictional films such as “Beauties of the night”, Where she played ‘Corcholata’, a character with whom she has always been related. As for the boards, he produced for more than 15 years “Adventuress”.

In 2015, Salinas was elected federal deputy by the PRI, with representation in Mexico City.

Carmen Salinas acquired a luxurious house that, according to her previously established will, already has an owner. (Photos: The tag Show with Gipsy / El Comercio Archive).
Carmen Salinas acquired a luxurious house that, according to her previously established will, already has an owner. (Photos: The tag Show with Gipsy / El Comercio Archive).


Carmen Salinas placeholder image She has never spoken openly about the time of her death as this issue is very sensitive to her. However, he has said what his last will is.

According to Jorge Nieto, journalist and close friend of the Mexican actress, Carmen Salinas’ last wish is for her remains to rest next to those of his son Pedro Plascencia.

“She never spoke of her last will, she did not speak of death. She has always wanted to rest next to her son Pedro Plascencia in the Spanish Pantheon “, He said Jorge Nieto in an interview with Azucena Uresti.

Carmen Salinas is in a coma: the 10 famous telenovelas of the Mexican actress
What happened to Carmen Salinas? The 82-year-old Mexican actress is one of the most important in her country, with a career that exceeds six decades, both in film and television. The artist is now in a delicate state of health. According to the first reports, communicated by his relatives, he would be in a coma and on an artificial respirator.


Mexican actress Carmen Salinas placeholder image uploaded to his social networks a series of photographs of his youth, shining in his first jobs in the who and the TV, where he debuted in 1964 with “The neighborhood”.

In the snapshots you can see Carmelita posing in swimsuits, dresses and other clothes of his characters that brought laughter and moved the public since he was very young.

In this way, the photos of Carmen Salinas placeholder image as a young man they are a record of the trajectory of the actress in Mexico. It is known that he has participated in more than 100 films and in about 30 soap operas, especially under the Televisa signal.

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Carmen Salinas: how her inheritance will be distributed