Carmen Aub shows in photo the scars on her breasts after removing the implants

The actress did not hesitate to lift her shirt and proudly show the marks left by one of her best life decisions

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As promised since announcing that she would undergo surgery to remove breast implants after learning how much it could affect her health,

Carmen Please

He continues to share with his followers every detail of his physical and mental process.

Through his official Instagram account,

31-year-old TV star

shared a powerful photograph in which she did not hesitate to lift her shirt to show the natural scars left on her breasts by the intervention that was performed almost 10 months ago.

Next to the image,

the interpreter

of ‘Rutila Casillas’ in ‘The Lord of the Skies’ expressed pride in one of the best life decisions she has made, reflecting the vision she has of the brands that make her remember what she was and in the woman in whom he turned.


What story do your scars tell? Mine are the map that have led me to love myself, how ironic, right? Normally one wants to remove these ‘imperfections’ to accept themselves already Rather, they serve as a reminder of what I was and what I am, they are the ‘tattoo’ with the most meaning that I have and you know what? I LOVE!”, wrote.

Carmen Aub showed in her words that she is aware of the reactions she may receive with her publication, good and bad, but she trusts those who support her and leaves her own responsibility to overcome the fears that torment her to the discretion of those who criticize her.

“9 months ago I closed a cycle that was accompanied by a lot of mental, spiritual and physical growth. I trust you and that is why I open myself here, what will others have to say? Honestly, I don’t care, they will project their fears on me probably but that way It is up to them to go through it and not to me, they will suffer or enjoy it as they prefer …. you How do you face your fears? “.

The publication of the actress went viral on social networks and Internet searches, also registering more than 200 thousand ‘likes’ and a wave of recognition by her fans and friends of the medium such as Fernanda Castillo, Julián Gil, Erik Hayser and Jaime Camil, to mention a few.