Carlos Vargas, from La Red, asks for help to save the life of his father, who is in an ICU

Carlos Vargas, the Valle del Cauca who is the presenter of the television program The netopened his heart in networks and said that he is experiencing a complex health situation with his father, Mr. Carlos Álvaro Vargas, who is hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the San Jorge University Hospital in the city of Pereira.

Although Mr. Carlos Álvaro has been recovering little by little, the presenter said that he urgently needs O+ blood donors.

“I want to ask everyone a great favor: I am going to tell you about an infidelity that my family and I are going through. My dad has been hospitalized for almost three weeks, at the San Jorge University Hospital in Pereira. It turns out that he has several complications, which are beside the point. But, what we do need, if you are so kind, the good hearts of people who want to donate blood. Because my dad is low in hemoglobin and this has made his recovery quite complicated, “ detailed on his Instagram account ‘carlitosvargasm’.

Likewise, he revealed that the medical staff of the hospital, located in the department of Risaralda, has treated his father very well; likewise, that his entire family has been aware of the matter.

“He’s still in the ICU, he’s going slowly, but this ‘man’ continues to wage war. And the doctors say: ‘he wants to live’. We are a family, very close, my sister is with him right now, my mom is very aware of him too. At the moment I need this help, from all of you, my followers, who are in Pereira”, he invited.

Despite the fact that the presenter has been characterized as a positive person, even cheerful, who is not used to expressing his problems on networks, at the time he was telling his father’s situation to his followers, he broke down in tears. “My dad is O+, to see if they help me with him. The old man wants to continue living, help me my loves. I love you all, thank you,” he expressed.

Carolina Cruz spoke about her relationship with Lincoln Palomeque and her children

In other events, during this year, the presenter Carolina Cruz has been sharing with her followers and friends the difficult path that she has had to take due to the separation from her partner and father of her children, Lincoln Palomeque, as well as the health difficulties that she has had her baby, Salvador.

Well, in the last interview he gave to the program The net, broadcast by Canal Caracol, he took the opportunity to tell how he has been overcoming these difficulties, as well as the relationship that would be presenting between both parents and the moments shared with their children.

I am super well, super calm, Lincoln and I are not together, but Lincoln is a very present dad, so they are always surrounded by a lot of love, they always have us present, always. Both Lincoln and I are there.” The presenter began by highlighting her current relationship with the father of her children and handling the situation with her children.

“The work that I enjoy the most is being a mother, and being able to be with them, watch them grow, educate them as happy children, with a free spirit, empathic,” Cruz continued, emphasizing that he was enjoying this time of his life hand in hand with their children.

The presenter even revealed that some women wrote to her asking for advice for their lives, some of them with relationship problems, separation problems, how to continue raising children when they are not with their partner or father.

“Many mothers write to me: ‘Caro, I’m bad with my husband, with my partner; or I got separated and I haven’t gotten over it ‘… When you make a decision, society doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter if I got married and I’m going to separate, ”she asserted.

However, immediately afterwards he continued to talk about his relationship with Lincoln, stating that he felt that a cycle had come to an end in his life and that despite the good relationship he had, he had to live through his separation along with his son’s illness. minor.

“I had a very good relationship, but I already felt that I had completed a cycle, because I also feel that many times love changes, and love transcends, it still is, but in a different way. And that’s when you have to put it on a scale and say what do I want in my life? “, Said the presenter.

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Carlos Vargas, from La Red, asks for help to save the life of his father, who is in an ICU