Can Yaman cannot record ‘El Turco’ because he is ill

      Just a few days ago we announced that Can Yaman began filming in Hungary for his new series The Turkfor Disney+ Turkeywhich also coincided with the premiere of his first series entirely in Italian, Viola eats the sea. However, today we woke up to bad news: the actor is in bed due to illness and cannot continue recording at the moment. This has been announced by the Turkish media.

      In addition, the surprise has been greater when we have known that Instagram and Twitter accounts of the actor have disappeared and it is not very well known why. It is not the first time that Can Yaman has deleted his accounts on social networksfleeing from hackers or negative reviews, or, as happened last year, apparently because of the bad time he was going through with his then-girlfriend, Diletta Leotta. On this occasion, the reason could be criticism, since he has recently received some negative comments for his newly released italian series. However, it could also be a problem with the social networks themselves. At the moment, the reasons are unknown.

      “I’m in Budapest, but I can’t get out of bed because I have a cold”

      As for his illness, it is also not very well known what happens to the admired Turkish actor. The alarms went off when, just get to hungaryYaman stated that his health was not as good as he would like. Shortly after, the Italian channel RTL had to interview the protagonists of Viola eats the sea for the W Italia program, but he only went to the set Francesca Chillemiwhile Yaman came on the phone assuring that he could not miss, out of respect for his fans.

      The same confirmed his health status: “I’m in Budapest for the start of filming for ‘El Turco’ but I can’t get out of bed because I have a cold and I need to rest.” So things, despite the fact that the filming of the series The Turk should have started already, this inconvenience has forced to paralyze the recordings. This is the third series of the new Disney+ platform in Turkey, which has already launched its first bet with great success, with Engin Akyurek in the lead, and also the second, starring Demet Özdemir and Bugra Gülsoy.

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Can Yaman cannot record ‘El Turco’ because he is ill