Cacho De la Cruz destroyed Michell de León for his imitation of Chichita: “I feel sorry for him”

cross piece charged against the comedian Michell de Leon for his imitation of chichitaone of his most iconic characters, whom he calls petite. The controversy broke out in the program we do what we canwhen the driver Richard Galeano contacted De la Cruz to ask his opinion about the humorist’s work.

Everything arises after the news was known that De León will join the cycle Day to day from VTV to embody Chiquita. Before contacting De la Cruz, Galeano broadcast an audio of the presentation of Everything is a liethe biography of De la Cruz written by Joaquin Doldan. “I had a great thief, who is Michell de Leon and he’s sitting here, doing a barbaric choreo. The imitation of a character is done only once, but this is the third season that you are with Chichita; even if she is give me 20% of the customers. She looks that I’m not fucking, “she reproached him.

After the broadcast of the audio, Galeano contacted De la Cruz to hear his opinion on the incorporation of Chiquita to Day to day. “It made me angry and then I felt sorry, because you have to be in the character doing that. It would be very ungrateful for me to do that; once they told Mirtha Legrand that I imitated her, but I did not imitate her: I made a lady who cooked where in Uruguay there were three programs like this,” he assured.

“It makes me feel sorry because he is groping the character, and it makes me sad because I think that, perhaps, he does not even know what he is doing. Maybe they gave him a handle or he was tempted by two more pesos; there is no respect. If he owned of the channel, I would not take a guy to do a program like mine. It’s a little respect, it’s not good, “he launched.

“I’m not going to get into a fight or anything, I just feel sorry for the lack of respect there is,” he added. “It doesn’t bother me that he does the character, it generates a lack of respect for him to do it: it is appropriating something that is not his to generate an economic return. Everyone knows that Chichita belongs to Cacho De la Cruz”, clarified.

He then added: “I’m not doing this for profit at all. I told him in public. I congratulate him on the program, but don’t do it every day because you’re losing face with the people who knew Chichita.”

Cacho de La Cruz vs. Michell de León in “We do what we can”

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Cacho De la Cruz destroyed Michell de León for his imitation of Chichita: “I feel sorry for him”