July 4, 2021

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Bullets by rating: the story of the journalist who murdered to give the scoop on his show

Bullets by rating the story of the journalist who murdered

In the world of television there are those who say that rating it’s everything. But how far are you willing to go to be successful? The Brazilian presenter, Wallace Souza, went a bit beyond the limits and was even accused of organizing and executing murders to later cover them in their program TV Book Channel and beat your competitors in audience.

The policeman turned into a driver knew how to shine on Brazilian television and always win in the indexes of rating with your local program, arriving before anyone else and getting the first images and the exclusive testimonials about the events criminals in the city of Manaos. In addition to increasing their numbers on TV, so did their financial resources and political power.

Book Channel gave details about the crimes that even the Policeman did not know. It was thought that it was because of Souza’s past in the force or because people preferred to call the channel to tell the events rather than report them. And while this is true, the famous host did not have enough and decided to start creating the news that he would then present on the air to quench his thirst for success.

Canal Livre was a tabloid television show that topped the audience ratings in Brazil.

Beginnings on TV

Wallace Souza was born on August 12, 1958 in Manaus, capital city of the State of Amazonas, Brazil. Before his success in front of the cameras, he served as a police officer, from 1979 until being fired in the late 1980s for pension fraud and gasoline theft. The relationship with the crime would be a trademark in his life.

In 1989 he began his career as a TV presenter. His program was broadcast for 10 years in the city where he was born, that place of asphalt, hotels and casinos in the middle of the jungle. Book Channel it was a success. It was characterized by expose Y report like nobody the crimes of murders, kidnappings and organizations related to human trafficking.

The growth of Wallace’s public image was so important that he even jumped into politics in 1998. He was elected in the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas in that year, to be re-elected in 2000 and 2006 representing the conservative Progressive Party. His parliamentary immunity favored him, as it hindered and slowed down the investigation that arose in August 2009 against him, when the Policeman started to investigate it for the charges of order murders to increase the audience for your show.

He was charged with murder, drug trafficking and leading a criminal gang.

He was charged with murder, drug trafficking and leading a criminal gang.

“Killer Ratings”

From this tremendous story, a series was even made that was launched in 2019. The platform of streaming Netflix was in charge of releasing Killer Ratings, a documentary series of the genre real crimes, those that review and recreate true cases with stories as strange as they are impressive. The series has seven episodes and shows the details of this framework through interviews and archive material.

There we see how Wallace Souza went from being a policeman to a very popular journalist and politician in the city of Manaos. But he also stopped being a true hero, in this city plagued by crime and gangs, to be suspected of at least five crimes. And its popularity fell overnight with the same force that it rose.

Book Channel they always arrived first at the place where the crimes were committed, sometimes even before the police forces, and gave information about the facts that not even the police were aware of. They showed shocking images, spoke with the protagonists and had unique testimonies. But Souza’s luck changed when Moacir Jorge da Costa, a former policeman and bodyguard of the journalist, was arrested on charges of committing nine murders.

Wallace Souza (left) is photographed with Moa, a well-known criminal from Manaus.

Wallace Souza (left) is photographed with Moa, a well-known criminal from Manaus.

The fall

Moa, as he was known in the criminal world, directly pointed to Souza and his son Raphael as masterminds of these crimes and even presented evidence. For his part, the TV presenter pointed out that it was all due to political persecution by his detractors, since he had investigated and exposed a human trafficking organization.

A break-in at his home complicated things. Wallace Souza ended up being a fugitive from justice while being accused of leading a criminal band who commissioned the murders of drug traffickers, who then stole their money and also kept the drugs. All this under the nickname of “defender of the people.”

To continue adding to the situation, his son Raphael was detained by the Justice after being accused of homicide, drug trafficking and illegal possession of weapons. In the end, Souza gave himself up to Policeman on October 9, 2009. But he died of a heart attack the following year at a Hospital in San Pablo, where he had been admitted a few months earlier. He left this world without being condemned.