Britney Spears recounts on YouTube the abuse she suffered during her guardianship

Britney Spearsthat last November he won the legal battle that put an end to 13 years of guardianship over his person and his assetshas been honest about that stage, admitting she was scared and felt like it was nothing.

Instead of selling your story to some magazine or offering a high-profile interview with personalities like Oprah Winfrey, Britney Spears preferred to take control of his narrative and recounted his entire experience in a 22 minute audiowhich she published herself in Youtube.

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“I am sharing this because I want people to know that I am human. I feel victimized after these experiences. And, how can I get over it, if I don’t talk about it?”, She admits in a 22-minute audio, in which she says she has refused millionaire interviews to tell about it.

His father, jamie spears, took control of his personal life and finances in 2008after an erratic behavior of the singer, now 40 years old.

“Even today I don’t know what I really did, but he wouldn’t let me see anyone. Nothing made sense. (…) I had to do everything they told me. They told me that she was fat every day, that she had to go to the gym. I don’t remember ever feeling so demoralized, or being made to feel like nothing happened. I agreed because I was afraid, ”she emphasizes.

Britney Spears recounts in her own voice what she experienced during her guardianship

the audio was posted on Sunday afternoon on his YouTube account and remember how in all that time she did not stop working, although her state at that time did not allow her to give her best.

“My performances in Las Vegas were horrible,” he confesses.

With her voice broken at times, the American pop icon admits her bewilderment about what was happening around her. At one rehearsal she said no to a dance move, she points out, and the next day she was told she needed to be admitted to a mental health facility.

“If you don’t go, we will go to court, there will be a big trial and you will lose,” he notes that his father told him.

Britney Spears shares what happened as a free woman and after launching a duet with the British Elton John, Hold Me Closerher first single from her album glory (2016) and the first since his guardianship ended.

She didn’t want to talk about it before, says the singer, because “it’s incredibly offensive, sad and abusive.”

His story emphasizes that it hurt her to feel used by her family and especially the lack of support from her motherwho did not stand up for her or help her find a lawyer.

“They put me in a state of mind to make me feel like I needed them. (…) I knew in the depths of my heart that she had not done anything wrong, ”says Spears after confessing that she came to think that they were trying to kill her.

“He was a machine, a fucking machine, not even human. She was crazy how hard she worked. And the only time I spoke and said ‘no’ in rehearsals to a damn dance step they got mad”; she adds the artist, mother of two and recently married to Iranian-American model and actor Sam Asghari.

The reaction of his family to these confessions was immediate.

“All your life I have tried to support your dreams and wishes as best I could (…) I have never turned my back on you! Your rejections the countless times I flew (to see you) or called you made me feel hopeless. I tried everything,” her mother, Lynne Spears, wrote on Instagram.

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Britney Spears recounts on YouTube the abuse she suffered during her guardianship