Brian, Alf’s best friend, has already turned 45 and has not returned to TV

Because some channel reiterates the old episodes or because the press deals with the lives of those who made up the cast, the truth is that very often people talk about “Alf” again, the alien who altered the lives of the Tanners and threatened the existence of Lucky.

The series has many fans in Argentina where young and old gathered around the TV to see Max Wright (Willie Tanner), Anne Schedeen (Kate Tanner), Andrea Elson (Lynn Tanner) and Benji Gregory (Brian Tanner), the family that housed the little man who came from Melmac who talked up to his elbows, had to hide from the neighbors and the authorities and chased the family cat because on his planet these types of pets were real snacks.

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In those of the Tanners, Alf always had in Brian, the youngest of the family, an unconditional person who protected him, defended him and accompanied him.

Benji Gregory, the actor who played the youngest of the Tanners, has already turned 45 years old and although he believed that after his participation in “Alf” -from the age of 8 to 12- job offers would rain down on him, in reality he appeared occasionally – and never in a leading role – and ended up joining the United States Navy, from which he is now retired.

The story about the alien ended in 1990 and from then on Gregory only had a few jobs for the next three years.

Following his role as Brian, he starred in an episode of Murphy Brown and acted in the films Never Forget and Lady Against the Odds. Lastly, he also voiced him for the animated series Back to the Future and for the animated film The Forest of Colors.

In 2000, he entered the Academy of Art in San Francisco, California, but his path changed when he decided to join the US Navy, where he remained until 2005.

Now he is still away from television but on his social networks he admits that, despite the long time that has elapsed, Alf’s fans continue to ask him for autographs.

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Brian, Alf’s best friend, has already turned 45 and has not returned to TV