Braves vs. Astros: An “Old School” World Series

The World Series goes exclusively to all of Central America through ESPN signals

Baseball Big leagues has taken an evolutionary leap in a matter of a few years that has managed to implement changes that differentiate the current game from what was done decades ago. Special formations for each batter according to their tendencies when it comes to hitting the ball, new generation statistics, specialized pitchers to face a type of play, are only a small part of how much the sport has been changing.

It is sometimes speculated that baseball has become a cold numbers sport that is handled from the baseball operations offices of each team and it has even been suggested that, due to this, the role of the leaders is increasingly more limited, since they basically have to adjust to the previous planning of each party.

However, for those who are (I include myself) more traditional in terms of the role of leaders, the current World Series it is a breath of fresh air. Dusty Baker and Brian Snitker are among the oldest leaders in the Big leagues. At 72 (second) and 65 (fourth), respectively, veteran foremen maintain, in the midst of modern baseball, an old-school aura, which always adds a lot to the pressing moments of pressure of “Fall Classic”.

The strong base run, touching and moving the runners, the non-dependence on the home run, giving the pitchers the confidence to face the extra man, some of the plays that in today’s baseball are seen as outdated, fall within the scope of the game. possible when leaders like Baker and snitker they are at the head of groups that play the whole for the whole. Ironically, older people tend to think outside the box more often than younger managers who lean toward a purely sabermetric view of the ball.

While the trends of stealing bases have been declining, thanks to the new data that has transformed baseball, Baker and snitker They are men who are not afraid to be aggressive on the bases, which they have shown throughout the postseason. Nor have they moved away from trust towards their players (Charlie Morton as the best example) to go out on the pitch again

With the World Series addressing to Atlanta for his third game, in what will now be a best-of-five series, he will touch the “old foxes”Using his years of MLB experience to the full, and like his players, his decisions will depend on where the MLB trophy will go. World Series.

Remember that you will be able to see all the games of the World Series in Central America exclusively on ESPN.

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Braves vs. Astros: An “Old School” World Series