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Tía SA continues to captivate the public through its content on social networks. Now explore the generational differences of three married couples.

With content full of comedy, but that also accompanies reflection, Blessed Marriage arrives, the new digital series produced by the multinational company Tía SA and Rompekbezas Producciones that premieres today September 10 through its YouTube channel: Tía TV , after the success of Pandemials, which has seen more than a million views to date.

Real situations but with a lot of comedy

Blessed Marriage tells stories of three married couples, who with generational differences show in a comical way what a marriage is like over time. “We created a comedy format set in the day-to-day life of married couples, from their infatuation stage to 30 years of marriage,” explains Giovanni Zambrano, head of Tía’s digital area.

This series tells the story of:

  • Bruno and Camila, who are recently married and living on an eternal honeymoon, all troubles are a new adventure for them
  • Fernando and Doménica, Those who have been married for 15 years, have adolescent children and the routine has taken over the relationship, both enter the crisis of their forties in which they yearn for changes in their lives; and,
  • Hector and Glenda Those who have already been married for 30 years are at a point of no return, the flame went out and they are in ashes.

In this way, the audiovisual will show the different perspectives of each marriage and how they face problems depending on the number of years they have been together.

Premium cast for a premium product

Bendito Matrimonio has an interesting and very talented cast of renowned national artists, including Víctor Aráuz, Carolina Piechestein, Sebastián Perdomo, Bárbara Fernándes, Itzel Cuevas and Diego Naranjo. “It has been a lot of fun working at Bendito Matrimonio; a super fresh and relaxed product, ideal for those who want to have a good time as a couple or perhaps without a partner, it is a story to enjoy ”, explained Bárbara Fernándes, who plays Camila in fiction.

The series has 12 chapters that will be broadcast every Friday at 8:00 p.m. by Tía TV, it is directed by Emilio García, and will undoubtedly make the public fall in love, at the same time that many couples will identify with each of their stories, in a reflection of how funny and raw the reality of age and love can be.

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