Big Brother: Maxi’s decision, Thiago on plate, and Ariel’s surprising comment

a new week of Big Brother comes to an end. The reality show crosses the summer and remains the great favorite of viewers, while the house does not stop cooking new strategies, some betrayals and conspiracies of all kinds. For this reason, below, we review the most important moments of the last days on the program.

Throughout the initial weeks in the house, and how could it be otherwise, love began to emerge. Some little brothers and sisters started the game of seduction, and that’s how tini Y Maxi Y alexis Y Coti their respective courtships began. For his part, frames seemed more than interested in Juliet, and although she had a boyfriend outside of reality, she did not seem to forcefully reject the “cousin”. But in the long run that did not progress, the back and forth between the two deflated and they were never close to a kiss. For a long time, each one makes his life out of it. And maybe by seeing Marcos it’s just that Camila began to look at him with different eyes.

The participant, who entered the house a few weeks ago, he approached the “cousin” perhaps for gambling reasons, perhaps out of friendship (we don’t know that). The truth is that it didn’t take long to “hit the wave” with him. These days it became clear that Camila wants to turn that friendship into something more. The little sister confessed in a chat between friends, that she likes Marcos, but that she does not dare to move forward. She doesn’t know how to be cool with him, she doesn’t want to expose herself by being too upfront, and she’s afraid of being rejected. For this reason, her plan is to go step by step, testing the ground soberly, in search of that possible wink that allows her to reveal her attraction to him. But at least for the moment, Marcos shows almost no interest while Camila doesn’t stop looking at him with eyes of love, at all times and at all times.

Ariel seems to consolidate inside the house. Although he maintains a very tense relationship with Alpha, remains in the game without establishing clear alliances or visible strategies. The grill man tries not to argue, he talks a lot to the cameras (and to the mirrors) and the rest of the players perceive him as someone lonely (although that may be his strategy, precisely). In the framework of a chat with MaxiAriel said something she shouldn’t have said, although the question remains if it was an accident or she leaked information on purpose.

While they were both in the kitchen, the man from Cordoba recounted a moment when Thiago I had voted for him, in a particularly difficult week. Faced with that, Ariel replied: “But Thiago nominated him for the Cone.” Maxi was surprised by him when he received information that he did not know, while the grill man, with a surprised face, regretted having aired that information. Only Ariel knows if it was an accident or not, but getting that information changed the map of the game for Maxi, and a few days later, he confronted Thiago to ask him if it was true. Laughing, the young participant lied to him and told him that he did not vote for the Cone on that occasion, but Maxi already knew that this was not true. And that situation had the corollary of him.

On some occasions, Thiago had said that he wanted to go to the plate because he wanted to prove if he was someone strong on the outside. Some listened to these comments with skepticism, but others thought yes, that it was time to nominate Thiago, that he is far from being a regular on the plates. Although in the house they perceive him as someone strong, that was never confirmed by the public vote. What’s more: his string of victories as leader of the week kept him away from the nominations. But all that changed on Wednesday. After receiving numerous votes, Thiago could finally be eliminated. While it is true that he might be safe, considering that Camila and Agustin They don’t seem to be big crowd favorites, in Big Brother everything can happen. Until the vote count, Thiago is not guaranteed to stay in the house.

The other side of Thiago on the plate was Maxi’s decision to save Nacho. The young man from Cordoba established himself as the leader of the week, and for this reason he had the possibility of saving one of the little brothers on the plate. Although his friendship with Thiago could tip the balance, Maxi opted for Nacho in a decision that not only confirms him as his great ally, but also marks Thiago’s thorny situation in the house.

This was a very quiet week for Romina, one of the most beloved participants inside and outside the house. Beyond a candid chat with Ariel, in which they both tried to establish a truce after an argument, the player spent the last few days chatting and devoting herself to cleaning the house (a task that unfairly seems to fall almost exclusively on her). But there was a moment of spontaneous laughter, when Romina saw the way Camila inflated the balloon. Far from being discreet, the participant gave herself up to the weekly test with great energy, and her striking movements made Romina burst out laughing, and showed her as she had not been seen before in reality.


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Big Brother: Maxi’s decision, Thiago on plate, and Ariel’s surprising comment