Big Brother 2022: Tomás Holder’s mother revealed the health problem that her son hid in the house out of shame

Tomás Holder’s mother recounted the health problem that her son preferred to hide at home

This Sunday, the first elimination gala was lived in Big Brother 2022. In that framework, Thomas Holder became the first eliminated from the most famous house in the country. “The psychologist who advises accompanied me, his girlfriend and his friend to greet him in a small room and Tomi was euphoric,” Gisela Gordillo said in dialogue with very morning

The mother of the now ex-participant spoke with Carmen Barbieri and he was happy that he had left the reality show because of the fear of what could happen next. “As a mother, it broke my heart that she said that with the character she felt strong and as Tomi she could not stand being in the house,” the woman assured. “Everyone here in Rosario knows him,” she added.

Regarding the way Holder decided to play on reality, Gordillo She was somewhat surprised by the attitude of the 21-year-old. “Remember that he and Thiago were the only ones who came in crying and then I didn’t even understand what he was doing, I would have kicked him out, I told him that the best thing people have is humility and that character was going to make him lose.” He explained about the previous talk he had with his son.

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In another section of the interview, the 41-year-old podiatrist revealed a strange health problem that he has had since birth but preferred to hide from the cameras out of “shame.” “He has a problem in his chest, which goes forward on one side and not on the other, the social work did not cover the harness I had to use, I could not pay for it and he started training, and that’s why he didn’t you can see the difference in the chest, ”he described.

Tomás Holder’s mother spoke after the elimination in Big Brother: “I would have kicked him out”

Gisela, who had Tomás at the age of 20 and today is also the mother of two other boys, whose father is not the same as the influencer’s, recalled that her eldest son lives with her and is the one who helps her raise her brothers. “I came to Buenos Aires in a group and my son manages in another world and wants to sustain that due to pressure from his environment, but it is unsustainable…”, he remarked regarding the image that Holder shows on his social networks at the time of posting on TikTok.

“I had a stroke in the pandemic, a heart problem and he helped me, he is a great son,” added Gisela, implying that Tomás Holder was ruined by the character he brought home. “Tomi is not a millionaire, he has swaps, the ferrari (which he shows on his networks) belongs to his friend”, he said.

“I would like him to go to a psychologist because if he believes that the character is going to support him because he is afraid of being vulnerable, he is going to take him out of the game not only in a house but in life,” reflected the mother who was encouraged to confess that his son was no longer having a good time on the reality show. “I saw that he was breathing through his mouth, he realized that he was very saturated and that he was not going to be able to continue holding the character,” she sentenced.

Carmen wanted to know if Tomás had a relationship with her father, who had signed up to participate in the other versions of Big Brother. And her mother replied: “Sometimes she talks to her father. As soon as the castings began, the father told him ‘you have to divide groups, make strategies’”.

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Big Brother 2022: Tomás Holder’s mother revealed the health problem that her son hid in the house out of shame