Big Brother 2022: people decided to eliminate Thiago

Thiago was eliminated this Sunday from Big Brother 2022. The young man from González Catán went hand in hand with Agustín and the public decided that he should leave the most famous house in the country.

The panel of nominees was made up of Camila, Agustín and Thiago, the latter being the one that received the most votes, with a total of 52.9%.

It is the first time that Thiago went to plate. On Thursday, Maxi, leader of the week, had to choose between him and Nacho to see who was saved from the gala. Since he did not mention it, he submitted to the vote and had to leave the reality show.

This way, joins the rest of those eliminated from the contest: Tomás Holder, Martina Stewart Usher, Mora, Juan Reverdito, Juliana, Cata, Constanza “Coti” Romero and Alexis “El Conejo” Quiroga.

Thiago left the house, entered the studio and was very excited. There, his relatives received him, with whom he gave a big hug.

who follows

-Juan Ignacio “Nacho” Castañares Puente

-Walter “Alpha” Santiago

-Maximiliano Guidici

-Daniela Celis

-Marcos Ginocchio

-Juliet Poggio

-Agustin Guardis

-Romina Uhrig



-Lucilla “The Torah”

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Big Brother 2022: people decided to eliminate Thiago