Between Stephen King and Lost, HBO Max has just released a complex horror series: From

Although it might seem that hbo max It has a streak in which it does not raise its head, the truth is that its recent overwhelming victory at this year’s Emmy awards seems to confirm that it continues to be one of the streaming platforms with the highest quality content. And not only the original, but also the one that recovers from other chains, such as the new series desde.

Premiered in February of this year on the American television channel Epix TV, this series has become one of the favorites of science fiction lovers and mysteries, especially for those who enjoyed the series of lost created by Damon Lindeloff.


Trailer for From, the new HBO Max

With a 95% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes, From has also managed to win over the public, whose scores have earned it an 85% freshness certificate on the same website. The series is created by an almost unknown John Griffin who also worked as a screenwriter on the remake of The Twilight Zone released in 2019.

From tells the story of a mysterious town that traps all those who dare to enter it. The unwitting residents of it try to maintain a sense of normality, while searching for a way to get out of it and survive the threats of the surrounding forest, including the terrifying creatures that come out when the sun goes down.

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From, renewed for a second season

Although it has just arrived in Spain thanks to its premiere in hbomax, in United States, From has already been renewed for a second season.which has even already started filming in Halifax, Nova Scotia in order to reach its premiere date on Epix in early 2023.

Little is known about season 2 of From, beyond the fact that its main actors will return, but the synopsis seems to anticipate new mysteries: “Hidden truths about the city’s nature and terrifying origins begin to emerge as residents’ lives are thrown into chaos by newcomers.”

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Between Stephen King and Lost, HBO Max has just released a complex horror series: From