Betrayal of Pati Chapoy? Ventaneando collaborator appears in Hoy with Andrea Legarreta | PHOTOS

What a blow he gave Hoy program on TV Azteca after one of the most important figures in music in our country changed television stations by betraying the program windowing and appear next to the team led by Andrea Legarreta.

Even though 24 hours ago he was with Daniel Bisogno and Pedrito Sola In the show program, the talented singer changed the air to appear in the recent Televisa morning broadcast, which sparked endless speculation.

Ana Bárbara betrays Pati Chapoy and goes to Televisa

On May 3, the program of shows windowing stole spotlights after dressing up to receive the talented singer Ana Bárbara, considered one of the great figures in the entertainment world.

During her intervention, the interpreter of “Forbidden Fruit” and “And I looked for it” assured that it was a pleasure to be in the television forums; however, she regretted that the entertainment journalist, Pati Chapoy was not at the interview.

In just a few hours, Ana Barbara you forgot your visit to the forums Aztec TV Well, she was the star guest on the morning program Hoy, so she had the opportunity to live with the team of Andrea Legarreta and Raúl “Negro” Araiza.

As expected, the singer’s visit to the Televisa forums did not go unnoticed by anyone because the followers remembered that a few hours ago she was in the competition; they advised the production to look for new talent and not repeat the same ones.

Despite her sudden appearances on Televisa and TV Azteca, Ana Bárbara is focused on her musical career since, so far, it is unknown if she will officially join any of the broadcasts. A few months ago she concluded her participation in the reality show Music Battle Mexico, broadcast by the Ajusco television station.


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Betrayal of Pati Chapoy? Ventaneando collaborator appears in Hoy with Andrea Legarreta | PHOTOS