‘Belascoarán’ with Luis Gerardo Méndez premieres on October 12

Mexico City — The character was born from the pen of Paco Ignacio II in 1976, with the novel combat days. A six-year term later, Héctor Belascoarán Shayne, an independent detective, made his film debut played by Pedro Armendáriz Jr.

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Armendáriz Jr. starred in two films as the detective. Years later, in 1994, the first remake of combat daysnow with Sergio Goyri in the role of Belascoarán.

Now, on October 12, the independent detective’s shoes will be filled by Luis Gerardo Mendez, now as a series to be streamed on Netflix. The ambitious project recreates the DF of the 70s, as CDMX was now known.

“It seemed like a love letter to the Federal District. In that sense, Belascoarán somehow reconciled me with the City. I think we all have a love-hate relationship with Mexico City. It is inevitable, because of the chaos, the traffic, the insecurity, the corruption,” explains Méndez, who has lived in Los Angeles, California for seven years. “But on the other hand, it has an undeniable beauty and an overwhelming culture everywhere. It’s colourful, you can do whatever you want, and right now it’s probably the coolest city in the world, right?

Mendez said that when he read the scripts, his disenchantment with the city faded, to the point that filming the series in emblematic locations in the capital renewed his vows for the city where he was educated in many ways, despite the fact that he was born in Aguascalientes.

And it is that old Mexico City is tacitly one more character in the series of novels written by Taibo II. The first novel published with Belascoarán as the protagonist was, precisely, combat days. And the series will take up the story in which the Chilango detective leaves his job as an engineer and his boring marriage to dedicate himself to hunting down a strangler of women, and thus become an independent detective.

Méndez found there the motivation to build a Belascoarán different from those that have paraded on the screen for 40 years.

“Belascoarán has something very nice, which is this Mexican who wants a change, who is seeing that the situation in the city is terrible, that we are sunk in this situation of violence, corruption and others, but he does do something about it”, explains the actor of ravens club. “Yeah he says, ‘Fuck my career as an engineer, fuck my wife. fuck all this. I’m going to make a change! And even though it starts out as a joke he plays on himself, he takes it very seriously afterwards.”

For this reason, Méndez worked on his own a particular way of speaking -very cantadita- and a humorous vein that, he admits, when he shared them with the production team, disconcerted everyone, so he had to ask for the vote of confidence to take them ahead.

It was also hardening the skin and tempering the vision of an empirical detective, but very determined, with the desire to experience a wide dramatic arc throughout the three episodes that make up this initial season that, due to its duration, of more than an hour and medium, they are formally feature films.

“It was very important for us that it had that twist and, I don’t know… it was also that thing about the voice, which gives it a certain comedy, for me it was very important to find the voice for the character,” he explained.

The cast is completed by Paulina Gaytán (as “the girl with the ponytail”), Silverio Palacios (as the plumber Gómez Letras) and Irene Azuela (as Elisa), among other actors, and will be directed by three Mexican directors: Ernesto Contreras (Assassin of Oblivion), Hiromi Kamata (Story of a Crime: Colosio) and Gonzalo Amat (Fargo).

The return of the detective is imminent and his desire to connect with young people has made him open a (verified) Twitter account, through which he already interacts with almost 4 thousand followers so far.

“It is for marketing purposes, but I cannot deny that this excites me and it amuses me,” concludes Méndez.

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‘Belascoarán’ with Luis Gerardo Méndez premieres on October 12