‘Bel-Air’: the series about the drama surrounding the new prince of rap

On a dark path, a camera moves quickly to zoom in on a boy sitting on a throne wearing a shining crown, as a voice says, “I want you to tell me something, what is a king without a crown?”

This is the first image that appears in the series Bel Aira new and risky look at the television comedy The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, which introduced Will Smith before he was a Hollywood star or went viral for slapping Chris Rock at the last Oscars.

Far from the scandal Bel Air will be available on the Star+ streaming platform from May 18as a narrative experiment that decided to escape the tone of humor and certain banality that revealed its source of inspiration in 1990, when Will (Smith) sang that catchy song at the beginning of the series telling how his life was transformed.

“In Philadelphia I was born and grew up with chewing gum and a happy basquetera / always calm, without hurry or anything / nothing at school installed in the fiaca (what is colloquially known as loach) / Suddenly some thugs, he still did not know why , they looked for problems and I confronted them / My mom, scared, very serious, told me: ‘You’re moving right now with your uncles from Bel-Air’ ”.

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Thus began the adventure of a simple and fun young man who lives a life of luxury and also changes the routine of his rich relativesin a sitcom format with a message in each episode.

The Prince of rap'

‘The Fresh Prince’: This American comedy starring Will Smith told the story of a young man from Philadelphia who moves in with his wealthy aunt and uncle in Bel-Air, Los Angeles.

Six seasons lasted its history, and Will Smith got his first million in the savings account and the drive to get to the movies. In 1996, the series said goodbye and many fans waited for many years for a return, but that wish came with other intentions. Bel-Air wants to tell another story, redefine the fun tone and update the impact of the protagonist who goes from a simple life to having outsized luxuries.

‘Bel-Air’ is a proposal for fans of ‘The Fresh Prince of Rap’ who are capable of taking a step beyond nostalgia.

The new Will is Jabari Banks, who debuts on television with the role and does not get out of a taxi in which the driver did not use deodorant, as the original character narrated.

He is a smart boy, he gets good grades and his talent in basketball It could lead to a scholarship away from Philly.

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Bel-Air Series

Jabari Banks in the scene when he is about to arrive at his uncle’s mansion.

But everything gets complicated when he has a brush with an ex-classmate who sells drugs on the streets of his neighborhood.

A dangerous situation that differs light years from the plot of the original comedy, whose reason for the turning point in the protagonist’s life was due to a ball that accidentally damaged the recorder of some neighborhood gang members.

In Bel-Air a real problem of violence and conflict around of what respect means, a dangerous mixture for the new Will.

Upon arrival at The Angels meet Jazz, your driver and who takes you to your new home. “Don’t let this city make you forget who you are,” he tells the teenager before leaving him in front of a stately mansion.

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“I really focused on being me and staying true to what I know, and how I grew up, and I guess that’s the only way we can tell the truth. I have a lot of similarities in my life with Will’s life, so I leaned in to bring the character to life.

I grew up in a similar place. I lived with my uncle in Philadelphia for a while and the family situations were similar to those in the series and I had the poise of my uncle, so I was able to connect with the character, “he said. Jabari Banks in an interview with The Knockturnal magazine, about his role, actually his first experience on television and as an actor.

Bel-Air Series

In the series Will (right) has a conflict with his cousin Carlton.

In fact, he is compelling in his portrayal of Will morphing into a new social environment and realizing that it’s not so funny to take on a new life. Bel-Air it emphasizes on offering an adult argument and reconfigures some family relationships in its plot.

The shock is deep, the adolescent feels used and does not understand the codes of coexistence.

For example, him cousin carltonwho in the original series was more naive and represented something like the nerdy personality that the protagonist made fun of a little, here he appears with a colder, calculating nature and with the desire to complicate the life of the newcomer.

“They are like water and oil. So they just don’t mix and they’re just trying to find a way to, you know, live in the same space and work together to be happy,” Banks explained.

The shock is deep, the adolescent feels used and does not understand the codes of coexistence.

In fact, he explodes at the idea of ​​being an example or an essential element in his protective uncle’s career to become district attorney.
The series also exposes the racial tensions and crises in that cycle of maturity the protagonist lives.

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Bel-Air Series

The protagonist must leave his home in Philadelphia due to a fight with a drug dealer.

Bel-Air is a proposal for fans of The Prince of rap that they are capable of taking a step beyond the nostalgia or suddenness of Will Smith stealing the show; In this new narrative, the drama tries to gain space for the humorous past and, although it must be given time, the proposal of the series is interesting.

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‘Bel-Air’: the series about the drama surrounding the new prince of rap