Batman Beyond. Terry McGinnis to hunt down Bruce Wayne’s killer in his new series

Neo-Year will be the next chapter in the Batman Beyond universe

This new 6-issue miniseries will continue the story where they left it in Batman Urban Legends # 6, where Terry McGinnis will have to investigate the murder of his mentor, Bruce Wayne.

The same Urban Legends creative team (the writers Collin Kelly y Jackson Lanzing and the cartoonist Max Dunbar) will be in charge of telling how the Batman of the future solves the case of the murder of Bruce Wayne in addition to having to carry the legacy of being Batman.

This commented Lazing upon Batman Beyond: Neo Year:

This is the next chapter in Terry McGinnis’ life, one in which he must learn what it means to him to become Batman, in a city that doesn’t want to be saved.

We’re delving into the noir lore of Batman: Year One and The Long Halloween to push Terry beyond the lessons Bruce gave him and into a lore defined by his own character and into the strange new city of Gotham in which works. The past is prologue. This Batman must go further.

The artist Max Dunbar stated that, for this new series, “Terry will understand what it means to be Batman without the guidance and support of Bruce Wayne, he will understand for the first time what it means to be alone in a city that wants him dead.”

Dunbar also commented that fans of the animated series will love this miniseries, mixing familiar faces with new faces for the comic: “There will be a lot of new threats that Terry will have to face, as well as some familiar faces. Sebastian has managed to fuse the dark and melancholic look of the animated series with his own version of cyberpunk tech noir, something nothing less than impressive “

But, although there will be classic characters, For Neo-Year the fundamental thing will be to present new concepts, new villains and create a new paradigm for Neo-Gotham:

Fans can look forward to the return of certain characters like the Jokerz and Commissioner Barbara Gordon, but we’re taking this opportunity to forge a new era. Bruce’s villains reflected his journey through mental health, obsession, and tragedy, it’s time for Terry to have a gallery of villains that reflects his path through legacy, loneliness, and hope.

Batman Beyond: Neo-Year will be available on April 5, 2022

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