Attention! These are ALL the Simpsons predictions that could come true in 2022

Since 1989, the series of The Simpsons He portrayed numerous scenes that over time became more important due to the close relationship they have with real situations, or with acts of mysterious connections that could continue in 2022.

The fun program has become one of the most popular on television and even the favorite of many who do not miss the opportunity to follow the outcome set forth in each chapter, in such a way that now, about to receive the New Year, there is already a list with the things that were about to happen.

The Simpsons predictions that could come true in 2022

The pandemic context, it seems, will continue to be present and now with greater force. It is expected that different cities will activate the lockdown again as it happened in the movie of The Simpson, where the protection of the inhabitants of Springfield was implemented under a structure that protects them from the United States, this under a bomb threat.

  • Use of weapons in the United States

It is in the plot of the chapter “La Casita del Terror” where the way in which Lisa, the middle daughter of Homer and Marge, convinces the inhabitants not to use weapons in the United States, an act that Kang and Kang later take advantage of. Kodos to fulfill his goal of taking over the Earth.

This development could be related to the recent proposals of the Democratic Party in that nation, where the prohibition of the use of weapons is already being proposed.

The story that follows the adventures of the famous yellow family anticipates that in the Qatar World Cup 2022An event whose organization is expected to be held in December of that year, will have an outcome in favor of the Brazilian team, since it would presumably receive help from the referee team.

Likewise, the series portrays a scenario where the Arab religion will influence the World Cup and the final match will mark a game between Spain vs Brazil.

The 2022 It is the year in which technology bets on fulfilling one of the biggest dreams in terms of mobility, because if the predictions of The Simpsons They are right, it is possible that at a certain point the incorporation to the market of the first flying car will be announced.

According to the plot of the series, the “Jetson One” is presented, a car with a value of 92 thousand dollars that can be maintained and circulated in the air.

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Attention! These are ALL the Simpsons predictions that could come true in 2022