Ash Ketchum becomes the best Pokémon trainer in the world 25 seasons later

After 25 seasons, Ash Ketchum has finally achieved his goal of becoming the best pokemon trainer in the world. This milestone has taken place in the last episode of the series Pokémon Ultimate Journeys, which premiered today in Japan and will soon be broadcast around the world. Since The Pokemon Company They have celebrated the victory of the young man from Pueblo Paleta in the Eight Masters Tournament of the Coronacin World Series.

This fight has been quite an event in japan, a country in which the chapter has even been broadcast on outdoor screens. Under these lines you can see a video of the streets of Shibuya (Tokyo)where many people gathered to watch the series live.

the anime of pokemonwhich consists of several series but maintains the same plot line centered on Ash Ketchum as the protagonist, started in Japan in April 1997. Its premiere in Spain did not take place until the American adaptation (launched a year later) came to our televisions in 1999.

Considering that Ash Ketchum’s goal was the leitmotiv from the Pokémon anime, this victory seems to open the door to the farewell of this mythical character. In fact, from The Pokmon Company they also anticipate the closure of Ash’s extensive story arc: “This historic victory represents the culmination of Ash’s adventures in the Pokémon worldspanning 25 years of countless combat and challenging missions.”

The company also wanted to remember the path from this iconic Pokémon trainer: “Since the beginning of their journey through the Kanto region, Ash and his Pikachu have faced off against numerous opponents, and on quite a few occasions have they come within the gates of victory in a tournament. However, The pair continued to advance until Ash finally got hold of him. Pokémon League Champion title at the Manalo Festival in the Alola region, showing how far he has come as a Pokémon Trainer,” we read in the official press release.

When will this season premiere in Spain?

Ash Ketchum’s victory in the Coronation World Series Eight Masters Tournament has only been seen in Japan at the moment, where some chapters of the new season of the series have already been broadcast Pokémon Ultimate Journeys. When they will be released in Spain is still a mystery, but Taito Okiura, Vice President of Marketing for The Pokmon Company International, states in a press release that we can expect to see the new season. “next year”. In Spain we will have to pay attention to the Boing channel to find out its release date.

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Ash Ketchum becomes the best Pokémon trainer in the world 25 seasons later