Are drivers of Today one step away from love?

It was in one of the most recent editions of the morning of “Hoy” when the couple formed by the TV presenter, Andrea Escalona placeholder image Y Pablo Montero They were surprised by almost ending up in a kissing scene.

The recent participation of Andrea Escalona placeholder image and Pablo Montero on the track has aroused strong rumors in “Today program“After almost, one of those who make up the cast of conductors of the broadcast ends up almost kissing the singer.

The “Today’s driver“and the Mexican artist set fire to the floor in the dance contest in which they participate, called” The stars dance in Today “, it was almost at the end of their number that the couple unleashed speculation since they almost ended up giving each other A kiss.

It was after “Andy” and Pablo Montero developed their choreography based on a bachata song, which implied performing certain movements and which led the duet to end almost in a kissing scene.

The dance couple tried to conquer the panel of judges with a series of bachata steps that correspond to one of Romeo Santos’ famous songs, “I just want to give you a kiss.”

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The “television actress”, who wore a suit that covered some of her areas while in others, a fabric left part of her silhouette more exposed.

The duet performed movements that implied soft and lilting hip movements as well as some pirouettes, in the end they ended up face to face which made many think that they would end up kissing as one of the repeated verses of the song indicates.

Even in the videos they shared during rehearsals, it could be seen that Andrea Escalona Rodríguez and Pablo Montero have good chemistry not only on stage.

Even after they both spoke about their experience in front of the camera, it was Pablo Montero, who addressed the subject that they would have to develop and pointed out “I don’t just want to kiss you,” I want to give you many.

It was at the end of her number that Andrea Escalona ended up in the arms of Pablo Montero who held her tightly by the waist and both ended up with their faces just a few inches apart.

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It was the host of the contest, “Gali” who questioned where the kiss had been, to which Andrea Escalona pointed out that “that did not come in the contract.”

After these scenes, added to those of the two celebrities and their statements, various media pointed out that Andrea Escalona also wanted to plant a kiss on Pablo.

Although they gave their best, the “television actress” and the interpreter of “there is another in your place”, they failed to surprise some of the judges.

It was mainly Latin Lover, the “iron judge, Lolita Cortés, and” Albertano “who highlighted some details in the middle of their choreography, after Andrea Legarreta had done the couple.

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The host and colleague of Galilea Montijo and the figure of show, Andrea Escalona Rodríguez, daughter of Hoy’s producer group, Magda Rodríguez, who highlighted to the couple the elements that they had liked the most about their participation.

In past occasions, Escalona Rodríguez and Pablo Montero have received better grades, however, this time it was not one of the best participations that the judges of the program highlighted.

For her part, Lolita was more insistent with the artist from Torreón, to whom she pointed out that she would have noticed that he was very unconcentrated from the dance, and should focus more on the moment he is performing, he said.

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While on the contrary, her partner, the “theater actress”, received better reviews from the musical comedy actress.