‘Arcane’ – Season 2: Release date, episodes, plot and everything that is known about his return

Netflix and Riot Games have officially confirmed the renewal for a new installment of animated fiction that adapts the video game ‘League of Legends’.

Good news for lovers of Arcane, the series based on the famous video game franchise League of Legends. Contrary to other titles, for which it is usual to wait a month before knowing their future, Netflix and Riot Games announced this weekend that the animated fiction that has been so well received on the platform It has been renewed for a second season. The news was confirmed just a few hours after the final three episodes of the first installment were available, which, as you may already know if you have been aware of the ambitious project, has been broadcast in three acts of three chapters each.

“We are so much more than happy about the positive response to Arcane’s first season and we’re working hard with creative wizards at Riot and Fortiche to develop our second installment“announced the creators of the series Christian Linke and Alex Yee in a statement.

Why should you watch ‘Arcane’ whether or not you are a fan of ‘League of Legends’?

Set in the universe of League of Legends, Arcane It has served as a prequel to the hit video game – exploring the origin stories of characters from the kingdoms of Piltover and Zaun while delving into the balance between the two – and it’s no surprise that the team has gone headlong to do more. Especially considering the great reception by critics and very good reception from the audience, which has taken it to the top of the Top Most Popular on Netflix in more than fifty countries.

Currently the team is starting to work on Season 2, but What else do we know about the future of Arcane? Take note of all the details below:


Netflix’s announcement that a second season of Arcane had officially received the green light, he left no doubt in one of his official Twitter accounts: Season 2 of Arcane is “in production,” so we can count on work on the new episodes already underway.

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Thus, although the streaming platform has not officially confirmed a release date for the second season, if production is already underway, we should not rule out that we may have new episodes already in 2022. Especially if the creative process is not seen affected by delays, as happened with Covid-19 more than a year ago and which caused the launch in 2020 of Arcane did not take place until November 2021.


It’s early for a trailer for season 2 of Arcane, but the reality is that Netflix has accompanied the good news of the renewal of the series with a ‘teaser’ that undoubtedly makes us rub our hands before the new episodes.

There is no footage of the series and the wait promises to be long. The first trailer of the first season of Arcane It didn’t come out until six weeks before its November debut on Netflix.


Netflix has not yet confirmed a specific number of episodes for the second season, although it is possible that we can have a similar broadcast pattern to that of the first installment, which has had a total of nine episodes and which have been broadcast in three batches. of three between November 6 and November 20, 2021.

And what about the plot? There is also no official plot synopsis for season two at the moment, though, given how season one ended, we can make some assumptions about what to expect.

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In the ninth and final episode of Arcane, ‘The Monster You Created’ (1×09), Jayce (Kevin Alejandro) initiated a vote in the Council to give Zaun independence. The vote begins, but, just at that moment, a rocket fired by Jinx (Ella Purnell), still traumatized by having killed Silco, crashes into the Council building.

Thus, with this outcome of the first installment and with the tensions skyrocketing, we can expect more conflicts in the second season and that what happened will inevitably affect the vote, therefore, the future independence of Zaun.


Not many details have been released, but official returns have been made in the cast that we can count on yes or yes:

Hailee Steinfeld will continue to lend her voice to Vi, Ella Purnell will continue as Jinx and Katie Leung will remain as Caitlyn Kiramman.

The rest of the details were kept “secret” at the time of confirming the renewal for a second season.

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‘Arcane’ – Season 2: Release date, episodes, plot and everything that is known about his return