Apio Quijano says that Poncho Herrera did not want to participate in the RBD tour for money

After the band’s comeback was announced RBD to the stages of Brazil, Colombia, the United States and Mexico, a controversy arose due to the absence of the actor Alfonso Herreraknown for his role as “Miguel” in the series, since it was not the first time that he decided not to join a project with his former colleagues, since in 2020 he did not participate in a virtual concert in which Anahí, Maite Perroni, Christopher Uckerman and Christian Chávez met.

It was then that a nationally distributed magazine stated that the reason why the artist did not join the “Soy Rebelde Tour” was not due to a lack of interest or professional commitments, but rather to a request for 10 million dollars for his participation, which was not fulfilled. According to the publication, this information was provided by some members of the tour’s production team, who also accused Herrera of lack of gratitude, alleging that he would have expressed derogatory comments towards his followers, who brought him international fame.

8. “Rebel Moon”: His participation in the new film by Zack Snyder, the director of tapes such as “Guardians of the Galaxy”, was recently confirmed, where Poncho will be part of a war in another galaxy. Photo: El Universal Archive.

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Later, Alfonso Herrera denied the version on Twitter, stating: “Normally I don’t pay attention to magazines that only seek to generate unpleasant things, but I consider it important to clarify some points that come from me and not from inventions.” In addition, he affirmed that he did not deny his roots and expressed gratitude towards the project that launched him to fame, wishing his teammates success.

However, a new controversy could loom, since Celery Quijanoa participant in the “House of Famous Mexico”, spoke on the subject.

“I heard that in Rebelde they invited him, he said no, he said ‘go’, but he asked for such a budget and they (RBD) said, ‘no, well, it’s not, the truth is not yet (…) We can offer you so much’ and he said ‘no,'” the Kabah member said during the broadcast.

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And he continued: “Then they arrived and said ‘well, there is no’ and he said ‘no, well, thank you’ and they are the ones who are taking everything, they already tripled what they originally had in mind. In other words, they were no longer going to pay what he asked for, but triple (…), but they said ‘no, well, we already sold this without him'”.

Although some of the contestants like Sergio Mayer and Poncho de Nigris doubted what Quijano said, he assured that he heard it from a person from the same group: “I know, because I know several RBD’s who are friends of mine, several of my friends are from RBD… Let’s see if I’m telling them directly of RBD’s”, external.

So far, Herrera has not denied or confirmed the comments of the interpreter of “I will be”.

With information from Mariel López.

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Apio Quijano says that Poncho Herrera did not want to participate in the RBD tour for money