Antenna 3 “loads” “Bitter Earth” from your grill: this is the series that will (almost certainly) take its place

Farewell to “Bitter Earth”. The love story between Züleyha and Yilmaz The hours are counted on Antena 3. The channel has already broadcast 129 of the 140 episodes of the series, so if nothing strange happens, it will cease its broadcasts this month. Now all the fans of fiction are wondering which program will take their place. Everything indicates that the answer has leaked: this is the name of the Ottoman production that will fight with “Save me” to be the king of audiences.

“Tierra amarga” was a real bombshell for the “Antena 3” audiences. After years and years of “Save Me” hegemony, the Turkish series managed to win the audience in the afternoon. Now, almost 140 chapters later, the end is near and that is a problem that the chain must face.

Everything indicates that Antena 3 has already chosen a substitute. And they have opted for a line of continuity: once again they opt for an Ottoman production whose name has already been leaked.

It is not for less. Every day there are more Spanish media groups that bet on Turkish series. In fact, there are currently few who do not have some Ottoman production on their grills.

Now, Antena 3 has announced that it will premiere a new Turkish series. This is “Original Sin”, a soap opera that combines drama and romance with the story of Ender Argun, a wealthy woman who intends to “get rid” of her boyfriend by trying to make him fall in love with another. Obviously, and as usual in Turkish plots, everything will get tangled up.

“Original Sin” was released in Turkey in March 2018. For now it already accumulates 6 seasons that add more than 160 chapters. In addition, it is not ruled out that the fiction continues to last in time with a seventh season.

There are those who point out that this could be the substitute for “Tierra amarga”. The truth is that arguments to believe in it are not lacking: it is a Turkish production, it has a plot that combines romance and drama and accumulates more than a hundred episodes, which guarantees a “long life” on the grill.

The choice was liked by the followers of “Tierra amarga”, who eagerly await its premiere. “What a win”, there is a desire for it to start”, they applaud through social networks.

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Antenna 3 “loads” “Bitter Earth” from your grill: this is the series that will (almost certainly) take its place