Annoying users, Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain resign from ‘Gossip’ on TV

Some users who consider themselves true fans of Gossip No Like, from the beginning they suspected that it would not last long in the televisionbut now it is official that they resigned from TV star to chase their Projects In Internetwhere they started and where they love to be.

Apparently the television station tried to continue with the program as if nothing had happened, publishing a large number of Photographs with the new drivers, but netizens did not remain silent and gave their opinion about it, wondering what really happened.

fans of Javier Ceriani Y elisa beristain They were asking and investigating if they would return at some point, but the reality is that they preferred to give up the project for the following reason: “It was because of what we want to do and what they are looking for as a channel. No agreement was reached on this project.

As you have surely noticed, Gossip No Like became a franchise, they prefer to participate in their project without needing a producer of TV, but in the Internet how they started

They prefer to maintain their independence and that is why we will no longer have them in the screens of television, the presenter has made important reports that have brought him to fame, as well as of course the great popularity that he managed to gain with this Show so interesting where rumors are the order of the day.

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Chisme en Vivo shares its new drivers, unhappy fans.

There is no doubt that Gossip No Like will continue to give people something to talk about and surely defend their peculiar way of working, without fear of anything and always exposing the cases with the greatest possible security, naturally seeking to entertain their audience with their entertaining way of sharing the information that they like so much.

So far, users have been very upset that this has happened so suddenly, they had already gotten used to having them comfortably on TV, but if they want to stay connected to them now they will have to use their computer or cell phone.

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Annoying users, Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain resign from ‘Gossip’ on TV